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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008!

Enjoy everyone and be safe! Wishing you all the greatest this coming year! I will be off blogging till tomorrow. Will spend more time with my kiddo :D watch all my fave shows and eat a lot!! :) - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ask The Candidates

In less than a year from now, election for a new president will be held. Wouldn’t it be nice to at least ask questions to the candidates before that time comes? We probably can through - Talk with AI presidential candidates brought to us by Zabaware’s Ultra Hal Technology. It is a software wherein you can ask questions to any of the 2008 candidates that you like and get a response from the artificial intelligent bot version using real quotes from the candidates themselves.

Zabaware’s software can also be used as your companion or office assistant, it is capable of reminding you with your appointments or keeping an address book, launching a program and a lot more. If you are interested and would like to know more about it, visit

Happy Friday!

It is Friday once again, woke up early trying to make up for my laziness yesterday. I will probably go back to bed in a little while coz I can barely open my eyes ehehehe. Just wanted to say happy Friday to you all and will try to visit as much blog as I can later on. That is after doing all my household chores here...:D Later mater!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

About Drug Rehabs

When I was in college I remember that we had a field trip in one of the drug rehab centers in the Philippines. Although I forgot what subject it was for (I think it is for SS18 or Social Science), but the trip was not so pleasant. Why? Because we saw how addiction really affects a lot of people specially young kids. We’ve interviewed some and most of them got into drugs or alcohol at early age due to peer pressure. Some are addicted to heroin, cocaine, marijuana and the most famous among street kids, inhalants like glue, hairspray or paints. But the thing is, no matter where we are, whether in the Philippines or here in America, drug abuse is one of the most challenging health problems there is. It can affect kids, teenagers, men or women probably even senior citizens.

Addiction has a lot of consequences from health problems to relationships, money or performance at work or school. This could be prevented if all of us are aware of what substance or alcohol abuse could do to our body not only physically but mentally as well. It can be prevented though. However, if someone is addicted already, wanted to seek help and looking for a drug rehab or alcohol rehab, the best place to go is There are so many different types of addiction treatment and support groups, so will help drug addicts, alcoholics, chronic relapse victims and their families to find a drug treatment center that’s most appropriate for them. Visit their website to read more about addiction, recovery, relapses, intervention and aftercare. Call them now at 1-800-NO-DRUGS anytime to talk to one of their most experienced drug rehab counselors or simply fill-out their online form and you can be sure that they will contact you right away. It will cost you nothing!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!!!

Wishing you the best this holiday season guys! Have fun and enjoy your time with your family. Will be doing the same... Hubby is gonna be leaving for work tomorrow evening so I'll be cooking early so we can eat an early dinner with him. :) Till next blog all! - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes

Friday, December 21, 2007

Pacquiao Vs Marquez

I have never seen the fight of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Marquez last 2004 but it sure made a buzz as the match ended up in a split draw. I’m not a huge fan of boxing but I had the chance to see the last two fights of Pacquiao and I went crazy. I even startled my son because I was screaming on top of my lungs in front of the television. My husband even commented, “that’s why I don’t want you to watch any kind of sport because you can’t contain yourself to just watching, you always have to scream”, and he smiled. Who wouldn’t when the fight is so exciting that would put you on the edge of your seat.

Anyway, if you missed Manny’s last fight, this is your big chance to see him. Pacquiao vs. Marquez II is scheduled on March 15, 2008 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, Nevada. The two fighters will go head to head in a rematch! Wew! I’m sure this is gonna be another exciting fight. Don’t delay, you should get your pacquiao vs marquez tickets through now cause it will be selling fast like hotcakes. Don’t forget it will be on March 15, 2008 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Couldn't Wait For Christmas

This boy is a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. This is supposed to be his dad's present but he saw it when I was wrapping the gift and didn't stop fussing about wanting to open it. He's dad gave in and so here it is...

He was so happy that he even took a picture of his new toys :) Yes, he took that one.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

About Surety Bonds

I have heard of surety bond before and I thought that it is just another form of insurance. But today, I found out that I was mistaken all along. I have learned that surety bonds are not a typical insurance policy but an agreement between three parties. The principal who are required to get a bond, the obligee who is requiring the bond and the surety or the people backing up the bond. It sounds complicated huh? Nah. I might not be able to explain it to you very well, but if you would like to learn more about it check out You will be able to read and understand everything about surety bonds on their site.


I love pistachio but I never had a picstachio ice cream. I have been craving for ice cream but I keep on forgeting to get one whenever we go to the store. As soon as I get the chance, I will be looking for a pistachio ice cream and see how I'd like it. :D

You Are A Pistachio Ice Cream Girl

Funky. Surprising. Wild.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free Chat Lines

If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do, I’d suggest you visit wherein you can meet new friends and people in your city or from different places through their hundreds of teen chat rooms or chat lines. You can leave voice personals so when other call their phone chat lines, they will be able to hear your messages. Sounds exciting? Then visit them and avail of their free chat now and make new friends!

Rated NC-17?

Francine pass this tag on to me and decided to do it. The result says that my blog rating is NC-17... I said what is NC-17.. researched and found out that NC-17 means no childred allowed under 17... ngaks! I wonder why.. I'm trying my best for this blog to be as general patronage as possible :D But I guess I failed. Oh well, I'm just crossing my fingers that there's no kids under the age of 17 is visiting me here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Michael Vick Plush Dog Toy

Remember Michael Vick? He is the suspended NFL quarterback who played for Atlanta Falcon team and was indicted for alleged operation of dog fighting ring. Don’t you think that this operation is just so cruel? Have dogs fight is just so horrible. I’m sure animal lovers can relate to what I am saying. Anyways, there’s a site called that sells Michael Vick Plush Dog Toy. It is a 13 inch Vick doll made is with durable 100% cotton canvas, 100% polyester stuffing and a squeaker that I’m sure your friendly dogs are gonna love! Sounds like payback time huh? Oh and before I forget, parts of the proceeds of every doll sold will be donated in an effort to help animals that’s been abused. So it’s all for a good cause.

Happy Monday

We literally are happy this Monday coz believe it or not hubby is still here wohooo! :) Right now, my two boys are busy playing and watching television, while I'm busy checking out endless bills, other stuff and of course, checking out for some opps :D Later on today we will be going out and probably finish our Christmas shopping. So how's your Monday going so far?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stone Hawk Drug Rehab Center

Drug addiction is one of the problems that this society is facing for the longest. They are in many forms. Some are addicted to prescription drugs, alcohol and some are into cocaine, heroin and a lot more that I am not even aware of. These forms of addiction can deteriorate someone’s health, physical and mental that is.

If you or someone you know wants to seek help, Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center will be happy to accommodate you. This drug rehab center don’t use any drugs or medication to resolve the issues that are caused by drug abuse. What they use is a combination of proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation to help eliminate drug addiction and alcoholism. Their program is not psychiatric and their success is achieved through social education.

Learn more by visiting their website at or call toll free at 1-888-227-9193 anytime.

Ang Buhay America, Bow!

Sorry to all my non-tagalog readers.. I just have to vent in tagalog ehehehehe...
Bakit nga kaya iniisip ng mga tao sa Pilipinas na pag nakarating ka na ng America eh biglang yaman ka na. Duh!? Kung di ka magtatrabaho dito di ka mabubuhay ng kagaya nila. Baka nga mas masarap pa buhay nila don kesa sa atin. Imagine, pag gising mo sa umaga, mga tambay makikita mo na sa kalye nagi-inuman, chismisan... uuwi lang pag kakain na.. san kaya sila kumukuha ng pera no? Buti pa sila pwedeng tumunganga maghapon.

Sabi sila ng sabi na mahirap ang buhay sa Pilipinas. Duh ulit??! Eh pambihira naman mga tao don mas magaganda pa yata damit sa akin eh... Ako nga Walmart lang samantalang sila puro designer's clothing, bags and shoes pa... Tapos mga cellphone to the max!!! Yung latest talaga ha. Ako nga Samsung lang, di pa camera phone... Hayyy naku tama na nga marami pa sana kso wag na lang ehehehe.. sige na po bago humaba na ng nobela ko.. post ko na po ulit itong article na nabasa ko sa friendster.

Original message from Skull:
Akala ng mga tao na nasa Pilipinas
kapag nasa America ka...

Akala nila madami ka ng pera. Ang
totoo、madami kang utang、dahil credit
card lahat ang gamit mo sa pagbili mo
ng mga gamit mo. Kailangan mo gumamit
ng credit card para magka-credit
hist ory ka、kase pag hindi ka umutang
o wala kang utang、hindi ka
pagkakatiwalaa n ng mga kano. Pag wala
kang credit card、ibig sabihin wala
kang kapasidad magbayad.

Aka la nila mayaman ka na kase may
kotse ka na. Ang totoo、kapag hindi ka
bumili ng kotse sa America maglalakad
ka ng milya-milya sa ilalim ng init ng
araw o kaya sa snow. Walang jeepney,
tricycle o padyak sa America.

Akal a nila masarap ang buhay dito sa
America. Ang totoo、puro ka trabaho
kase pag di ka nagtrabaho、wala kang
pangbayad ng bills mo kotse、credit
card、ilaw、tubig、insurance、bahay at
iba pa. Hindi ka na pwedeng tumambay
sa kapitbahay kse busy din sila
maghanap buhay pangbayad ng bills nila.

Akala nila masaya ka kase nagpadala ka
ng picture mo sa Disney、Seaworld、Six
Flags、Universal Studios at iba pang
attractions. Ang totoo、kailangan mo
ngumiti kase nagbayad ka ng $70+ para
makarating ka dun、kailangan mo
namnamin ang 10 hours na sweldo mong
pinangbayad sa tiket.

Akala nila malaki na ang kinikita mo
kase dolyar na sweldo mo. Ang totoo,
malaki pagpinalit mo ng peso、pero
dolyar din ang gastos mo sa America.
Ibig sabihin ang dolyar mong kinita sa
presyong dolyar mo din gagastusin. Ang
P15.00 na sardinas sa Pilipinas $ 1.00
sa America、ang isang pakete ng
sigarilyo sa pilipinas P 40.00、sa
America $ 5.00、ang upa mo sa bahay na
P 10,000 sa pilipinas、sa America $

A kala nila buhay milyonaryo ka na kase
ang ganda ng bahay at kotse mo. Ang
totoo milyon ang utang mo. Ang bago
mong kotse 5 taon mong huhulugan. Ang
bahay 30 taon mong huhulugan. Ibig sa
bihin、alipin ka ng bahay at kotse mo.

Madaming naghahangad na makarating sa
America. Lalo na mga nurses、mahirap
maging normal na manggagawa sa
Pilipinas. Madalas pagod ka sa
trabaho. Pag dating ng sweldo mo,
kulang pa sa pagkain mo. Pero ganun
din sa ibang bansa katulad ng America.
Hindi ibig sabihin dolyar na ang
sweldo mo、yayaman ka na、kailangan mo
ding magbanat ng buto para magsurvive
ka sa ibang bansa. Isang malaking
sakripis yo ang pag alis mo sa bansang
pinagsila ngan at malungkot iwanan ang
mga mahal mo sa buhay.Hindi pinupulot
ang pera dito. Hindi ako naninira ng
pangarap、gusto ko lang buksan ang
bintana ng katotohanan.

Winter Wonderland!

It snowed all night as a result, we got at least 10 inches of snow :) I went out and shoveled at least the pathway, geez! It was so heavy, I couldn't hardly lift the shovel :)

Before I went out shoveling (snapped from the window that's why there's the xmas light hehehehe)

The driveway (didn't touch it, saved it for hubby hahahaha!)

This was taken earlier today, when I was shoveling (first time ever) the snow :D )
Kuletz...almost buried :D

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gifts From DelightfulDeliveries

Last night I was watching one of the shopping networks on television hoping that I could find some gift ideas to complete my lists this Christmas. But their all like jewelries that I can’t afford nor clothing that doesn’t really look good and yet expensive. So I just turned the television off, got up and checked on the internet. I can’t think of any particular gift that I wanted to buy actually, just hopping from site to site to see what’s out there. Then I found this one…

Press Release: Recognized as Hot 100 Retail Website

Internet Retailer Ranks Website Among Best in Nation for 2008

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE), the premiere Internet Gift Retailer and America’s #1 Gift Basket Website, today announced it has been named one of The Hot 100 Retail Websites for 2008 by leading industry magazine, Internet Retailer. The Hot 100 list represents the best of what retailers are doing online, highlighting innovation and setting the standards in online for what the rest of the industry should be doing., a privately-held company, with one of the largest and most unique selections of gourmet gifts, ranked alongside larger sites such as Dell, Nike and, by building its award-winning site on selection, functionality, speed and the complete customer experience. A recent re-design has improved the customer’s shopping experience to make holiday gift-giving easy and enjoyable, including rating and reviews, behavioral recommendations and free shipping offers.

“We are extremely honored to be recognized as a pacesetter in online retailing,” said Eric Lituchy, Founder and CEO of “We pride ourselves on using the latest technology to make gift-giving fun and easy. Being named among the best in the nation validates we are succeeding in our efforts to deliver the best possible customer experience.”

In addition to making Internet Retailer’s The Hot 100 list for 2008, was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as part of its Inc. 5000, which highlights the fastest growing private companies. offers over 2000 unique and delicious gifts from America’s best brands to the finest boutique shops. Consumers can easily shop the site by gift or food category, occasion, type and best-seller. Corporate gift-givers can choose from hundreds of customized gourmet treats.

For additional information, and to see a complete selection of gifts available, visit

About Delightful Deliveries is an award-winning website that began in 1998 and quickly established itself as one of the premier Internet gift retailers. Its mission is to bring great products to gift-givers, while providing world-class service. The company selects its offerings from a broad variety of fine food gift products for consumers and for corporate gifts, and gathers them in one place to make the selection process quick and simple.

I think this site is very, very cool! Geez! They just don’t have Gifts for Christmas, but also for Birthdays, New baby, Thank you, and even Get Well Soon or Sympathy Gifts. And if you ask me, I would love to receive one of their Chocolate Baskets or the Chocolate Pretzel Basket! Yum! They also have Gourmet Meals like Filet Mignon, Salmon, Baby Back Ribs, Lobster Tails, NY Strip Steak, Pacific Oysters and a lot more! The choices are endless I’m telling you.

But if you are into giving of Gift Towers, I’m sure you’d like to see DelightfulDeliveries’ collection. From Sky High Chocolate Towers to Winter Wonderland Dessert Gift Towers. They all look scrumptious. If you are gonna give it to someone, I’m pretty sure that they are gonna be happy as the packaging is well presented. I might even get some for us here because It really looks so delicious.

So visit them now and check it out for yourself. See their best sellers and stocking stufffers. You can shop by category, brand, price, occasion or recipient. Oh and you know what is more cool? You just have to enter your zip code to see the items that can be shipped free to you! I typed in mine and all I can say is wow!

TGIF Again!

Hey everybody! It's like 10 days to go and its Christmas huh! Anyways, it is Friday once again. What are you all up to? I woke up early to do my data entry work, checked some opps if there's left for me eheheehhe Did some window shopping too. I'm just waiting for my little kuletz to wake up, fix us some breakfast and off to working again. How about you?

Well, no matter what you are doing, I just wanted to say Happy Friday to you all! TC! And enjoy your day.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fraternity & Sorority T-Shirts

I am not a member of any sorority but my sister and mother-in-law are an active member. My husband and my sister’s boyfriend are fraternity members too. I was thinking of getting both my husband and my sister’s boyfriend a custom fraternity t-shirts as my Christmas present, but I don’t know where to go. My sister suggested that I visit as that’s where she and some of her sorority sisters bought their custom t-shirts. She said that I’ll be able to create a design that I want in just minutes using BlueCotton’s design studio. The designs come either embroidered or screen-printed. Other than fraternity and sorority design ideas, they also have holiday, sports, school activities and political design ideas too. Free shipping on all standard deliveries are offered and so as rush orders, just in time for this holiday season!

It's Raining Awards!

Wow it really is raining awards lately... This one came from Ms. Juliana :) Thanks very much for passing this on to me. I so appreciate it.

It's nice to know that even my friends are all busy, they keep on remembering me. Little things like this makes me so happy. :D

Not it's time for me to pass this on too... I'd like to give it to Tess, Francine, Eds, Redlan and Merydith.

Best Leading Lenders

Back in the days, according to my husband, borrowing money from any financial institution is a pain in the you know where. Because first of there are a lot of requirements and papers to fill-out and submit. There’s also possibility of being denied if you are with bad credit history. But that was before. Nowadays, trying to get a Personal Loan or Payday Loans is as easy as a click of a button. is one of the financial service provides that offers on helping anyone in obtaining a fast Loan approvals at the best possible interest rates. They process instantly regardless of which loan you’d like to avail, no required application fees and you can do it at the comfort of your own home.

From Ms. Francine

This was passed on to me by Fracine. Thanks very much! This is so in time for the holidays :) Love, love the color too!

Anyways, I'm passing this on the my friends Tess, Juliana, Marie, Redlan and Recel. You can get the code here :)

All About Insurance

Since me and my husband got married, we were both well aware that having a secured future is a must and most specially now that we have a little one. The very first thing he did is to look around and find a site that offers an Insurance Quotes. He wants to make sure that the policy that we are getting is what really suit our need. Of course who wouldn’t want to Save Money on Insurance? I’m sure all of us wants that whether we’re getting a Family Insurance or Term Life insurance. Thankfully, all we have to do in this digital age is to just browse on the internet and voila! Everything you’re looking for is just in front of you. Right now we are not happy with the insurance we have so we’re considering in getting a new one. seems to provide a lot of information about Insurance Plans Pros and Cons so I might tell my husband to check it out too so we can make a decision if we want to switch or not. Thru them, we’ll probably get a better deal on Life Family Plan Premium for a lower cost.

Another Week!

Hey everyone! It's Monday again. I woke up early as hubby left very early.

Yesterday, I had a good time with my husband :) No petty lover's quarrel, just a great conversation. He read me some passages from the Bible. I was like a little kid being read by my dad a story book :) It was good! It made me a little sleepy though but he said that's ok coz that means I'm taking it all in :D I don't really know exactly what he means by I guess it's a good thing :D

Anyways, hope you're Monday is starting right and may your week be a fruitful one! TC all!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Abergel Institute

I have previously posted about a few surgery centers like in Texas, Los Angeles and Rodeo Drive in California. But if you are in Santa Monica area, you are probably familiar with the name Dr. R. Patrick Abergel already. He is one of Santa Monica plastic surgery experts. He’s been a leading cosmetic surgeon for the past 15 years and he performs cosmetic surgery and liposuction procedures using the most innovative techniques. Other than liposuction, he also perform facelift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, body liposculpture, facial minisculpture and the most famous among celebrities, the Botox and Juvederm. But we all know that in every surgery, risks is always there, that is why in Abergel Institute, they conduct physical exam and evaluate their patient’s health. Explain to them which procedures are appropriate for their body. So, if you are considering any kind of cosmetic surgery, visit or call them for a complimentary evaluation with Dr. R. Patrick Abergel.

My Apologies

To you my dearest blogmates, please pardon me for not visiting your blogs. I am just too busy lately. I have a lot on my plate right now. From my blogging to my data entry job and of course, the most important, my being a mommy. My kuletz here has been "KSP" (Kulang Sa Pansin) lately. He always wants me to either sit next to him, or play with him or draw with him. He doesn't get tired of asking me to draw an apple, balloon, car, moon and even pumpkin! Geez! I don't know how to draw, so you know it is a messy drawing :D I'm trying though :)

Anyways, thank you very much for the visit and I will visit your blogs very soon! Enjoy your Sunday!

Online Slots

There are a lot of new online casinos out there. But if you are looking for a site that is dedicated to slot machines only, visit They are an interactive online slots games that has been around for a long time. They have 100,000 registered members that play slots regularly. They provide the best online slot machine gaming experience and has a trustworthy environment so your funds and information are safe. So whether you are just looking for latest news, features and tips about slots, check out

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tired And Sleepy

I am a little tired and sleepy but I have to finish one more "raket". :) I'm just thankful that two of my fave sitcoms are keeping me company. I am like crazy here laughing by myself. I am talking about Goodtimes and Sanford & Son in TV land channel. They are reruns, but ofcourse I haven't seen most of it. I am almost done though, i just gotta finish it as the deadline is fast approaching. I am not sure if I can do it later today because hubby is gonna be here. I better get going then huh eheheh :)

Guilbert Guide

In the Philippines, putting elderly in nursing homes or hospice is not very common. But here in the United States it is not new at all. There are news about abuse of elderly in nursing homes, so if I am in a situation that I have to put my loved ones in such place, I will be very hesitant too. That is why if you are looking for hospice or homes specially nursing homes in New York, Gilbert Guide can help you. They publishes the most comprehensive information about long-term care facilities in the U.S. such as nursing homes, hospice, home care facilities and more. They were handpicked by their team of experts. They reviewed every facility and covers only the best to make sure that all the information are accurate and of best quality. So if you need a trusted guide, visit Gilbert Guide online as everything you need to know about quality senior care is there.

Needs A Little Decluttering

Heck! If my mind is only 37% cluttered, what makes me up all night? ehehehehe I guess internet is the culprit from keeping me up most of the time. Anyways, this is trulili... my mind is free coz I gave all the worrying to my husbandry :D His mind is probably 100%x10 cluttered :D

Your Mind is 37% Cluttered

Your mind is very free. You've liberated yourself from most worries and problems.
And even if something does start to clutter your mind, you're easily able to let it go.

Oh by the way, I got this from teacher Juliana.. she said anybody can grab it so I did :D TY teacher J! :)

Friday, December 7, 2007


A lot of people are not so happy with how their noses’ look for reasons like it maybe distorted because of an accident, or the shape is changing due to aging or they’re just born with odd shaped/sized nose. Let’s face it, nose has a great effect on how a person look because it is one of the essential characteristics of the face. This is the reason why some people seek one of the popular procedures there is, a rhinoplasty to alter the look of their nose. Some want theirs increased or decreased in size. There’s always great risk in this kind of procedure but if you are considering it, Beverly Hills nose surgery can help you. If you are still in doubt whether you wanna do it or not visit PROFILES Surgery Center to help you make a decision that‘s right for you. They will give you information about the techniques, anesthesia that will be used, the potential risks and of course the cost.

Oh Christmas Tree!

Below picture is my neighbor's pine tree. I took it from our side door when the snow stopped pouring. If it were mine I'd love to put xmas lights on it. It is so huge though. But it's nice to decorate a tall, big tree like that :) I need a cherry picker. hihihihi I wonder how many lights I should be needing to give spark to that tree.

How Do You Choose A Name?

How do you choose your baby’s name? As for me my name is derived from my father and mother’s name. Ro from Rodrigo and Sella is from Celia. They put it together and ended up with Rosella. Yes my name is Rosella (pronounced as Rosela and not Roselya). I am not sure how they named my two sisters but I love their names too. Ma. Krishna and Doris Leah. How come they have two names and I have one? :)

Well, I mentioned that because I was wondering how celebrities named their babies. Can you believe that some of them gave their babies the most ridiculous names ever? Maddox, Tallulah or Rumer isn’t the worst celebrity babies names out there. Try Moxie Crimefighter and Pilot Inspektor. How about Moon Unit or Audio Science for a name? I couldn’t even tell if they are baby girls or boys. Anyways, if you wanna see more of these weirdest celebrity kid names, visit Check out also their Funny Road Signs, Celebrity surgery pictures, celebrity real names and more!

Not Jealous

When I was younger I am more of a jealous type because I know there are something to be jealous about.. Those cheaters! hahahah! Hey I am not bitter anymore.I am happy with my life now because I have found the love of my life already ;) But in general, I really am not a jealous type of person whether with my friends, family or my love.

Not a Jealous Bone in Your Body

You're secure, trusting, and giving with friends and lovers
And while you may have been hurt before, you've bounced back
You're generally happy with your life - and no one's grass is greener than yours
One word of caution: some may see your lack of jealousy as indifference!

Cosmetic Surgery

If you think that great doctors that performs plastic surgery are just in Los Angeles, California, then you are so mistaken. Cosmetic surgeons with great reputations and experiences are all over the United States. For example, if you are in Texas, you might consider visiting Dr. Paul Vitenas, a Houston cosmetic surgery expert that is focused and dedicated in giving his patients beautiful and natural appearing results. He performs surgical procedures from breast augmentation to breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, liposuction and more. He and his team give their patients the safest possible environment and personalized caring. Visit their site at to see their gallery of the before and after photos of their recent patients and read some of the testimonials that says how the procedure conducted by Dr. Vitenas and his team has changed their life for the better and how it restored their self-esteem and confidence.

TV Watching Boy

I took this picture while he was watching Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban) He's a little scared here, I forgot which scene it was though. But he loves watching all Harry Potter movies.

I love seeing him in his cute robe, he looks like little Hugh Hefner :D

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oak Bookcases From Barn Furniture

My favorite past time while I’m not doing anything is to browse on the internet and do some checking on social networks, biddings on eBay and shopping around of the things the I like. Recently, I have been looking for furniture that would fit the d├ęcor of our house. To be honest, at this point, our house is a hodge podge of everything. You can’t tell if it is modern, contemporary or traditional. Anyways, one of the site that I had came across was They have a complete collection from bedroom, dining room, home office, and living room furniture that would fit the style of your house. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for contemporary, traditional or modern because they have it all. But one thing that I liked the most is their selections of Oak Bookcases. I found their 24” x 48” Solid Oak Bookcase (Mission Spindle) interesting. It would come to you fully assembled, it is solid oak, so we know very well that it will last for a very long time. Oh and group discounts is available too. All you need to do is to let them know which items you are pretty much interested in buying and they will give you a group discount quote. The discount will be based on quantity so the more item you buy, the more money you will save. Isn’t it as easy as 1-2-3? So check ‘em out now!

Readability Test

I was blog hopping and landed at Ms. Juliana's blog... I saw this test and decided to try it for myself... I'm surprised with the result of my blog's reading level :) Imagine College undergrad eheehe I never thought of that coz I thought my writing is in elementary level eeehhehehe

cash advance

Christian Money

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I was pissed again because I wasn't able to do a lot of things last night coz my internet service provider did some maintenance last night (again @#$@!) from 12 midnite to 6 a.m. I was not able to do the opportunity that I reserved from PPP as it expired. Then one opps is getting ready to expire in a few moments. I missed a lot of work too in my data entry gig.. Waaaaa! I wish this ISP of mine will pay me the money that I lost. Well, its another day, so we'll see how it goes :) Have a great day all!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Muscle And Strength

Working out is one of the things that is not on my list at this present time. But my husband is doing his fair share when it comes to building muscles and strength. He’s been doing his workout routines for quite sometime now. I mentioned that to say that muscle& has a huge workout routines database. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or just trying to maintain your toned muscles and your weight. Visit them now to see their free workout routines which is from 6 day weight/cardio cutting workout to intermediate muscle building workout. Or if you are looking for specifics you can use their site based on goal, days per week or workout type. You might find there the workout training routines that will best work for you.

Will Be Resting

I am trying to finish up one opps, and after that I am gonna be resting for a while... One of my favorite movies is on.. Julia Robert's Pretty Woman :) I have seen this probably a thousand times, but I can't help but watch it over and over again whenever it's on t.v... :D Don't you just love Julia in that movie :) Sweet!

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Not Good In Drawing

Yes, my artistic side surely has got nothing to do with drawing. But my son kept on asking me to draw a darn car! :) He used to ask his daddy to do that but since his daddy is not here, he doesn't have any choice but me ehehehhe

A snap shot of his drawings... see if you can spot the one that I drew :D

More Snow

It started snowing last night and it stopped earlier today. And a few moments ago it did start again. :) Love it but its quite dangerous for people who are driving at this point.

Photos are taken minutes ago from our front window...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday to USA!

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Xmas Tree...Before And After

I didn't have any plans of putting up a christmas tree this year because my hubby left our 7ft white christmas tree in the old house...then one time when me and my little kuletz went to Big Lots he saw all the displays of tree full of lights and he exclaimed "wow nice!" and didn't wanna leave the store... just stayed there and stared at the tree for i don't know how long.. so i told my husband about it...Last Saturday he left and when he came back he has this 4ft xmas tree.. so today, when I went out to go to the bank i decided to drop by at Walmart to get some ornaments and xmas lights... so here it is... little one helped me decorate the thing :)

this is the before (this came pre-lit, just have to put it up)

this is the after

all lights in the house turned off this made kuletz say "wow nice!" again

There are still a lot of stuff missing under the tree.. the gifts!!! eheheeh will put that later on :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Coupons, Codes And More!

Last week as I probably posted on my other blog, I mentioned that I bought a few pairs of jeans, but I was disappointed when I found out that I could use some coupon codes online from which should have saved me some money. I wish I just went ahead and shop online instead of going to the store because which was really a hassle as a lot of people are hurrying up and trying to finish their holiday shopping that made the line so long. Next time, I’d look for Kohl’s coupons and great Wal-mart deals first before going shopping. If you too are looking for coupons, coupon codes and good deals not just this holiday but throughout the year, visit!

Poor Little Boy

It is getting harder and harder for me to pacify my son to stop from crying everytime he wakes up and he's daddy has gone to work already. He's a smarty and he understands that he's daddy has to go to work and comeback after a week, but I guess he likes the fact that he can kiss his daddy bye bye and see his car leave while he's watching at the window. That's why I told my husband that it would be better for him to wake the little boy up before he leaves because he feels better seeing his daddy leave than waking up without him around.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


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How's Your Sunday?

As for us, nothing much goin on here. It's been raining up to now...Woke up early and did some household thingy then went to sleep all day. Didn't do much opps grabbing/writing/posting. Now we're just watching t.v. and I am trying to hurry up coz I have one opps that would expire in a few hours :) Till later!

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I Am For Real :)

I sure am for real... never like fake people so I better not be fake myself. I am not rude either... if you did something that I don't like I am gonna tell you about it in a way that would never hurt your feelings at all. And If I did something that you don't like, I'd appreciate it if you tell it to my face and not behind my back. :D

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Lovers Planet

Last year I joined a Mixer Telephone study that was conducted by the University of Pennsylvania wherein their goal is to collect large calls from different languages. I think it is about their research in speech technology. Anyways, I just remembered that because the first person that I talked to was a Russian girl who has been living here in the States and it surprised her when I told her that I met my husband on the internet. She exclaimed that she went through the same although she met her hubby through Lovers Planet - Russian Girls dating site. Isn’t that amazing that no matter where you are and who you are everyone can find their true love. She said that they been married for 3 years already at that time and she is so thankful that her husband found her at

I haven’t heard of the site before so I decided to check it out and found out that it is an online dating service which connects Russian women to other foreigners who wish to establish friendships, long-term relationships and so as marriage. If you’d like to know more of it visit

Thank God It's Friday!

It is Friday once again people! The end of the month... wow! 2007 is almost over and can't wait what 2008 has to offer to all of us. Anyways, I will be going out again to do some errand and will be back checking opps later on and hopefully there's still some for me. My fingers are hurting from doing my data entry work so I guess I will take it slow today. See yah later all and enjoyr your Friday! TC!

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Not An Addict At All

I thought I'd be a 100% internet addict because I spend most of my day in front of my computer. But answering those questions made me think that I just use it moderately :) But surely my hubby wouldn't think that way because he always say that I am an internet addict :D

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Binoculars And More!

Sometimes it is hard to buy a gift for a person that you think has it all already. That is why when and if permitted I’d like to ask them what they want for Christmas. One of my cousins back home wanted a new binocular, the other wants a new pair of Sunglasses. I know I can get sunglasses easily but I have no idea where I can get a good deal when it comes to binoculars. So I searched on the internet and ended up finding which is one of the leading distributors of different optics products from designer eyewear to microscopes, night vision goggles, digital cameras and a lot more! You can shop by brands, categories or by departments. Why buy from OpticsPlanet? Because they offer very low sale prices and will pay for the shipping within the 48 states. So if you are like me having a hard time deciding on which to buy for a present, check out their Gift Guide and Best Sellers to get some idea on what to give to your family, relatives or friends.

What Is Goin' On?

Today I had a chance to talk to Ms. Recel and I found out that their PR went to zero... I wonder what is going on? I am thankful that so far my PR is still in good standing and I am hoping that it would stay the same even just for a little longer. It is scary if it will go down to zero from where it is right now. I can't imagine how frustrating its gonna be because all of us are working so hard to keep our blogs in order. Let's hope that everything goes back to "normal". Crossing my fingers.

Nations Finance

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Holiday Means...

Christmas is the holiday that I most anticipate. I like to see all the houses decorated with lights, lanterns, snowmen, raindeers etc. I also love giving gifts and ofcourse receiving too even if it's not the most expensive gift ever it doesn't matter. When I was in the Philippines, me and my sisters would buy lots of candies, we would wrap 'em individualy and put some money in it and would give it to carolers... I miss doing that because there are no carolers here in our area. I love it here, but during holiday seasons, I always wish that I am in the Philippines.

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So Thankful!

Today, while I was checking available opps in PPP, I was surprised when I see that one of the opps says the blogspot are excluded so I said, why is it white here then if its not ok to post in blogspot. I checked again and found out that my own domain blog just got approved!! wohoo!!! :) I am so thankful... but unfortunately, I have lots of household chores to do... so I thought I'd put the house in order first before I sit down here in front of my computer and start grabbing opps... Not done, actually I'm still washing the clothes :D But that can wait ehehhehe

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Online Backgammon

Ever played backgammon? I have heard of that but never get the chance to play. We actually have a backgammon board here but hubby never had the chance to teach me. Since I can’t wait for him, I searched on the internet to see how it is played and ended up with the website called, wherein you can download a free backgammon software. I like the fact that you can play (whether for money or just for fun) right away after you downloaded it. Since I am new to backgammon, I have no problem of learning it as the site gives a complete details of how the game is played. They also have backgammon tournaments. Maybe if I’d play backgammon all the time I will be able to join one of their tournaments. Who knows.

My Monday

I did a very unusual thing today. I said unusual because since I got here I haven't had a chance to do it. I am talking about going out shopping by myself...oh well... not really... coz I have Kuletz with me. :) And yes I went to Walmart today. For the first time I called a cab to take me and my son to Walmart :) Hubby asked me what took me so long to do it and commented that I should have done that a long time ago... duh?!?! He's the one who's always paranoid about me going out by myself. He's scared that I might get kidnapped or raped or something... Anyways, everything went well as the store isn't that far from here. It's like 7 minutes away. I spent 8.55 going & 7.50 back to the tip it equaled to $22... not bad, plus I won't be doing it all the time anyway. But ofcourse I'd rather be driving coz that $22 is like a few days worth of gas already.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend as we always hear, which is probably true because women loves diamonds. They are an absolute piece of stone to have that can be treasured and passed to a loved once. My engagement and wedding rings were bought by my husband and I found out that he bought it from a store in a mall that cost him a fortune! If he only shopped around especially online he’d probably bumped into which offers a stunning collection of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings and other jewelry pieces. I browsed, looked and compared them to other sites and you will be surprised how outstanding their jewelries and prices are. I love the fact that their site is easy to use because it was very well categorized so you wouldn’t be lost in navigating even if you aren’t a computer savvy. They have a customer service that you can reach 24/7 and offers a personal advice and online education about diamonds (i.e. cut, clarity, color, carat). Also they offer free shipping and 30 day returns. So check out, your professional jeweler!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Food

This is a snapshot of my Thanksgiving plate :D I had a few bites already when I remembered to take a photo. The mashed potato with gravy still makes me salivate like a dog ehehehe :D

Mixed veggies, mashed potato and turkey with gravy, rice and cranberry sauce

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day!

My turkey is ready. All seasoned up :D It'll be devoured tomorrow by three hungry people eheehehe I wanted to take a picture of it but I forgot and its in the refrigerator already all wrapped real good.. have a great turkey day all!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, November 19, 2007

More Birthday Pics

Here are some more pics from yesterday.

Stolen Shot

The Whole Gang

With Mommy, Grandma & Chuckee

With Mommy

Opening his gifts

Friday, November 16, 2007

Travel Advisory From American Embassy-Manila

I got this email from one of my good friends. I'd like to share it with you guys specially to those of you who will be spending their holidays in the Philippines. I thought it might be of interest to you.


Please be informed of the recent travel advisory to the United States . However, not only pirated VCDs/DVDs are on the hot list. Customs officials are also looking into fake bags like Louis Vuitton, Coach, etc. Please be informed that the American Association of Publishers (AAP) has also alerted the American customs officers to check out for pirated books. This information; was given to me by Patricia Judd of the AAP. Please warn all nursing graduates who plan to take the NCLEX and CGF exams in the States not to bring in these pirated books because there will be a penalty of automatic deportation as violation of intellectual property rights. If you know anyone going from the Philippines and coming back to the USA , with "pasalubongs" and "padalas," please read this important enclosed advisory from the American Embassy in Manila . Please share with your friends. Just a friendly reminder: if you have plans of going to the U.S. , please take precautionary measures on all "padalas," especially those containing fake/pirated compact discs/DVDs. US Embassy employees have been given an advisory that as US Gov't employees, we should abide by the U.S.laws, including Intellectual Property Rights (anti-piracy) laws. As an additional incentive, the Consular Section recently received a report that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) searched the bag of a Filipino entering the U.S. on NW 72 in Detroit . During the search, 70-80 compact discs, 30-40 empty DVD jackets and 10-20 DVDs were found. Since the travelers were not American citizens, their visas were canceled and they returned to the Philippines . If they had been Americans, they could have been subject to br & gt arrest and criminal prosecution in addition to civil fines and penalties. Please remember even ONE pirated item can jeopardize your trip. Also, the fingerprinting system has successfully been instituted in all port of entries. I suggest you bring extra identification cards in addition to your passport to facilitate your entry in the US Immigration. I hope this is helpful to you.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To My Dearest Blogmates

Hello everyone! First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for always visiting my blog and leaving messages on my chatbox. But please don't leave "VISAYAN" dialect as I won't be able to understand it (some perhaps eheheh):) I am a "PURE TAGALOG" speaking gal. :) I was born in Nueva Ecija, the province next to Bulacan, and grew up in Pasig City. Lived all my life there till I got here in the U.S. of A :)

Again thanks very much for your visits. I appreciate it a lot! TC!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Chat For Free

Even though I have a 4 year old son who entertains me when I get bored at home, it’s always nice to be connected to your friends and have a little chit chat every now and then. But back then when I first came here and husband is at work, my outlet is chat, chat and more chat. Mostly to my friends in the Philippines. I also found some chat rooms where I met my now good friends here in the United States.

For me, meeting new friends is always good and interesting. Some people even meet their life partners thru chatting. One of those people was me and my husband. Yes, we met each other online and we’ve been married for 7 years now. I enjoy making friends because not only I can share my interests with them, but I also learn from them.

Anyway, if you are interested in chatting online and making new friends without spending a dime, check out Joining online chat rooms is free. You can choose from hundreds of rooms, you can message people directly and chat with instant message. is a good place too for those professional who wants to do networking and so as for those people who are interested in online dating. Again, with you can do a lot of things from chatting, sharing photos, blogging to socializing. You can’t get better than that. So check it out! You got nothing to lose but probably a lot to gain.

What's In My Purse (tag)

This is a tag from ZJ. A long overdue tag actually. Sorry ZJ, I've been quite busy. Anyway, here it is...

What's in my messy purse?

1. Cellphone
2. Chapstick
3. Lipstick
4. Wallet
5. Checkbook
6. Dental Floss
7. Pen/Pens
8. Spare batteries for my digital cam
9. Baby wipes
10.Almost empy tic tacs
11.Car keys/House Keys
12.Tons of receipts and papers
13.Eye re-wetting drops
14.Lipstick case (but I'm using it not to put lipsticks but extra pairs of earrings just in case I forgot to put one
15.Ofourse my digital camera which I used to take this picture :D

That's what you can normally see in my purse, but there are times that I have diapers in there, so as toys, extra shirt for kiddo, bottled water and a lot lot more! :)

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So, what we need to do now is to spread the word as there are a lot of people who needs emergency money due to unavoidable circumstances.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

To Cover It All

Nothing important, just wanted to let you guys know that I posted my RANT over a product that I didn't like and sent back but got billed for $99.98 coz they said that they didn't get the product that I returned. Geez! Dermacia is still really pissing me off. Oh! Btw, I posted the complete story on my bravejournal. Thanks!


Finally, I was able to post something on this blog. It's been a while since I last posted an entry here. I was just too busy doing some other things. I felt so bad. I'm doing my best to maintain my blogs and keep it updated all the time, but it's unavoidable every now and then.

To all my blogmates who visits me here, thank you very very much! I do appreciate it. Will return the favor as soon as I'm out of this rot ehehehee. Again, thanks!

Thinking Of Getting A Car?

Are you thinking about getting a car like I do? I heard that is the place to be. Although I still can’t decide which car I’d like to have. Right now my eyes are on Toyota RAV4, but Honda Cars are also not a bad choice. One of my choices among Honda Cars are the Honda CR-V.

Anyways, buying a car is just on my to do list for right now as I’m still practicing my driving and still don’t have my license. Once I have it on hand, that’s probably the time I will decide which one. I’m most favorable of getting a Honda, so I think getting Honda Car Quotes and Honda Car Prices is not a bad idea. At least when its time for me to buy, all the information is already on hand.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This Nice Matters Award was from a very nice young lady named Marie. Thank you very much. It was so thoughtful of you to pass me this award eventhough we've just met recently. I appreciate it so much!!! Again, thanks a bunch!!! See yah around :)

Now it's my turn to pass this on... I'm giving this to Teacher Merydith, Ms. Juliana, Recel, Redlan and most specially to Aling Tikya. :)

The Place You Can Trust

My husband and I are not just couples but we are best friends too. And every now and then we tease each other. I tease him about his being bald. I told him he need to use something to grow his hair again. He'd just laugh and say he is not suffering from hair loss or anything. It was a personal choice for him not to grow his hair as it is more manageable and comfortable for him being bald he said. I just tease him about it but I really don’t mind it, in fact, I love it.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Correction On The Post "Travel Channel Features Bizarre Foods of the Philippines"

I recently posted about the Philippines being feature inthe Travel Channel. I posted that it will be shown of November 5 which is Monday and not Wedneday (that's what they said when they showed in on t.v., so that's what I originally wrote on my post) I checked it and found out that November 5 isn't Wednesday but Monday.

Here is my original post (I ommited the day already) :D

Travel Channel Features Bizarre Foods of the Philippines

Yes. It will be shown on November 5, 2007 at 9:00 p.m. Just don't know if it is EST or Central Time. So, If you want to see it, mark your calender and check your channel listings for the time.

***Excerpt from the Travel Channel***
Andrew Zimmern is off to the island nation of The Philippines - where he chows down on local favorites like Balut, Crickets, Stuffed Frogs and even live worms!

Oh if you missed the November 5 sched, they will show it again on November 6. So watch out for it :) Geez! Now I'd like to eat some Balut.

Candies! Chocolates and More Candies!

Yesterday, Che called me and said that the chocolates and candies on their store (where she works) are on sale now. (75% off) wohoo! She said she'll pick me up so we can go and buy them. So we went there and checked the available candies. It wasn't a lot compared to last year's. But it's still good as we still have Christmas sale to wait for. Below are the pictures of some of the candies that I bought. You should see what Cheryl bought for herself and Ate Sheila :D It was tons of candies! Her back seat was full!!!

Believe me, it doesn't look a lot in the picture hahaah! But if you think its a lot, twice or triple that and that's what Ate Sheila and Cheryl's candie is looking like.

I will be sending them to the Philippines, probably after Christmas.

Fast Money

My Aunt (my mother’s cousin) from the Philippines called me the other day and was asking if she could borrow some money from me. I said what does she need the money for? She suddenly bursted into tears and said that her husband died just before the Halloween. I was a bit shocked. She explained to me that they already used up their insurance coverage and savings as my uncle has been hospitalized for quite a while. Now she needs the money for the funeral. I felt sorry for her but at the moment, my budget is a bit tight too (cause we spent most of our savings when we bought our house). I didn’t promise anything to her but said that I’ll see what I can do.

I told one of my friends about my dilemma and she recommended payday loans from Although I have heard of them, it didn’t cross my mind right away. I guess it wasn’t a bad idea to get some cash advance from them. Anyway it is confidential, and I don’t have to get out of the house and wait in line as I can apply through the internet. Since it is a short-term payday loans, they don’t even require credit checks and you can get your cash advance checks faster. Now I know that I can help my Aunt. Thanks to .

Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Halloween Pictures!

Here are some more pictures from yesterday. We went to the River Oaks Mall, we didn't get much candies coz we thought the trick or treating starts at 5, but instead it was 2 p.m. to 5 p.m :) After going to the mall, we went to Ate Sheila's neighborhood and continued our trick or treat escapade there.

Here's Kuletz at one of the toy stores in the mall

With Shelly the princess and Ashley the cheerleader

Darth Vader, Princess, Cheerleader and Dracula

same cute little kids

Dracula, the fat witch and the cheerleader

There you go folks. A little glimps of our yesterday. I posted some to my other blogs the Roselle's Blog and Life In The Blogger Lane .