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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yey! I Got My Juicer!

Wohooo! Finally! I will be able to start juicing now :) I have been wanting to have my own juicer since I don't know how long. I finally got mine. Courtesty of Winster. Ordered it from last Friday and I got it today.

It came assembled already, you just have to disassemble it to take the plastics off. It looks good too, but will see how it will do, performance wise.

Till next blog! TC!

Travel Channel Features Bizarre Foods of the Philippines

Yes. It will be shown on November 5, 2007 (Wednesday) at 9:00 p.m. Just don't know if it is EST or Central Time. So, If you want to see it, mark your calender and check your channel listings for the time.

***Excerpt from the Travel Channel***
Andrew Zimmern is off to the island nation of The Philippines - where he chows down on local favorites like Balut, Crickets, Stuffed Frogs and even live worms!

Oh if you missed the November 5 sched, they will show it again on November 6. So watch out for it :) Geez! Now I'd like to eat some Balut.

Monday, October 29, 2007

My Blogging Personality

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious
You're an approachable blogger who tends to have many online friends.People new to your blogging circle know they can count on you for support.You tend to mediate fighting and drama. You set a cooperative tone.You have a great eye for design - and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!

Wow! this is pretty sweet result :) Yes, I have a lot of online friends and true I am very much approachable. And if you need suppport, you can surely count on me :)

I'm Not Tagging You, Just Grab It :D

First name?: Rosella

Like your name?: Yeah.. never disliked my name :)

Named after anyone?: yeah.. combination of my tatay & nanay's name

Any nicknames?: Roselle, Oselle, Selle, Ate Selle, Osang, Drelle, Msdrelle

Age?: 34

Birthdate? : every 10th day of the 6th month

Birth place?: Nueva Ecija, but grew up in Pasig City

Time you were born?: hmmmm.. it's late at night dont know the exact time

Current location?: Illinois

Height?: 5'4" sometimes 5'5" :D

Like your height?: Yeah, its just perfect for me

Eye color?: Dark brown

Contacts/glasses?: I wear glasses all the time. Contacts once in a while

Hair color?: Long Black Curly hair, sometimes Straight :)

Natural hair color?: nope...wearing a wig...hehe

BlackDye your hair often?: Never..well, not yet anyway….

Righty or lefty?: Righty

Type of music?: All except those head banging, noisy onces

Band or singer?: Used to like Freestyle

TV show?: A lot to mention... mostly courtroom / crime fighting drama series

Movie?: Some of my favorites are Men of Honor, Behind Enemy Lines, Pretty Woman, My Bestfriend's Wedding and lots and lots more


Radio station?: Don't listen to the radio anymore (once in a while in the car with MIL)

Place to be?: Home here and home there :D

Thing to do?: A lot! Little things here and there

Food?: Almost everything

Non alcoholic drink: Water/juice/soda (once in a while)

Alcoholic drink?: I don't drink

Animal?: We have a fish and bird

Holiday?: Thanksgiving and Christmas

Season?: Spring/Fall

Sport? : I like to play bowling...I've been wanting to try to play tennis, but never get the chance still. I like to watch, football, baseball and basketball

Place to shop?: Stores in the closest Mall here and Walmart of course :)

Clothing brand?: Nothing in particular

Scent?: Like Cool Waters, Beautiful, Hugo Boss for Women

Restaurant?: Bennigan's, Outback

Fruit?: Just about everything

Vegetable?: All veggies are good

Fast food restaurant? Popoye's, McDo, White Castle and Js Peapod (Chinese Food)

Pizza topping?: Mushroom, green peppers and onions with tons of mozzarella cheese

Ice cream flavor?: Any brand, cookies and cream

Magazine?: Ebony

City?: Nothing in particular

Color?: Any warm color.. I'm not really into bright colors

Number?: 19, 14, 10, 5 (parang pick four naman to) :D

This or that…

Chocolate or vanilla?: Chocolate ano pa!! :)

Pepsi or coke?: Coke (regular)

Hot or cold?: Cold

Black or white?: Black and White :)

Dog or cat?: Dog (Cat stinks eheheh sorry cat lovers)

French toast or pancakes?: French toast

French fries or onion rings?: Onion Rings!!

Hamburger or hot dog?: Hamburger

Pepperoni or sausage?: Sausage

Britney or Christina?: Christina

McDonalds or Burger King?: McDonalds

50 Cent or Eminem?: Never liked 50 cent, so Eminem for me

Canada or Mexico?: Canada

Hug or kiss?: I like to do both

Movies or TV?: TV mostly (can watch movie on t.v. anyway ehehehe)

Truth or dare?: Nothing to hide…so truth

Do you…Shower daily?: Yes mostly at night

Sing in the shower?: Once in a while :)

Like to sing?: Yep!

Like to dance?: Yes, But I don't dance like I used to anymore

Smoke?: Never tried and never will

Drink?: Nope

Curse?: Once in a while... the Sh*t word

Talk to yourself?: Who doesnt?

Believe in yourself?: I do

Play an instrument?: nahhhhh :( i can play some nursery rhymes on the piano though)

Go to school?: I think I did.. that was so long ago, I almost forgot ehehehee

Go to college?: I think so.

Finished it? I think so too eheheh tanong ko sa nanay ko

Have a job?: Yes

Like your job?: Yes

Want to get married?: NO!!!!!! :D double na nga eh

Want to have kids?: Got a four year old (almost 4)

Get along with your parents?: Absolutely specially with my nanay

Get along with your siblings?: Most of the time.

Drive?: yeah.. I've been practicing :)

Random …

Do you think you’re trustworthy?: I think I am

Think you’re funny?: Once in a while :)

Gone garbage can tipping?: yeah, are you talking about tumbang preso? :D

What are your parents names?: Rodrigo and Celia equals Rosella

Siblings names?: Ma. Krishna and Doris Leah

Do you wash your hands frequently?: Yes very much so! It's a mandatory here

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: Twice a day at least

Collect anything?: I used to.. have collections of currencies of different countries

Ever been in love?: Always

In love right now?: All the time :)

What color pants are you wearing right now?: white short pants

How does your hair look?: still curly and black

Ever had your heartbroken?: yeah, a few times

Ever broken the law?: Law of whom or what?

Been arrested?: No.. and do my best not to be arrested

Can you stick your fist in your mouth?: NO I cant!

When was the last time you got drunk?: 65 years ago! Dont drink ehhehe

Do you do drugs?: Nope :)

When was the last time you were high on anything?: Never experienced it

Do you prefer the lights on or off?: If I'm ready to sleep.. its off..

Would you ever get plastic surgery?: Not at this point :)

Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: If I were to choose I'd say boxers, I tried putting one of my hubbies and they are comfy :)

Do you like to laugh?: Of course!

Ever had a bloody nose?: Nope.

Have you ever caught a fish?: Yup! Before I got pregnant, hubby and I used to fish a lot

What was the last thing you ate?: I just had a granola bar

What time do you go to bed?: last night, believe it or not 1 a.m., one of the earliest sleep I have ever had this month :)

What’s your favorite color?: Black, blue, white and I'm liking pink now too

Do you like to give or receive?: It feels good to give but I don't have a problem in receiving :)

Are you obsessed with anything/any one?: No I dont think so

Do you live alone?: NO

Do you own a blender?: I don't think so.. I think I gave it to my MIL

Do you like the snow?: Oh yeah! Love love love snow! They look awesome.. but not after they shovel it

Ever been up a mountain?: My friends and I tried to climb one but we did not go all the way up

Ever been rootin’?: I'm lost, whacchatalkinbout?

Do you like surprises?: If it's good, sure surprise me..

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cool Nanay Award

Another award, this time from Ms. Racel. She passed me this "COOL MOM AWARD". I am not so cool all the time though, specially when kuletz here gets on my last nerve :D He can be a handful sometimes. I know you moms out there knows what I'm talking about. These kids are cute, funny, smarty pants and everything but believe me they can be a pain in the you know where :) But I sure love the boy no matter what. :)

Thank you very much Racel!!!

Now, I'm passing this to Ms. Juliana, Aling Tess, Teacher In-In and to all my Mommy blogmates :) TC!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Better Half Tag

Yesterday my hubby saw me scanning his pictures. He probably know that I'm gonna be posting it on my blog so he said, "Please don't post anymore pictures of me on the internet, please, please". I know he's serious about it coz of the tone of his voice. But you all won't tell, would you? eheehehe

Since he said please please please to me. I'll just post two of his pics. :)

This one is my favorite. I don't know how old he was here but geez! He looks so adorable! (Parang di tinotopak hahahah!) :P

Look at that big bow tie, pamatay! hihihihi ang sama ko!

That's all for the pictures. He could kill me for this ehehehe . Nways on with the questions.

1. First name: His name is very, very common. It's Mark.

2. How and where did you meet?

We met online as most of us here. To be honest, I don't really know what site it was. That was way back late October of 1998, my officemates and I got so excited coz for the first time we had an internet connection in the office. Mind you the internet is exclusive in our section only. No one can use it but us :D Little did they know that after office hours, we (my officemates), cute red devils were online creating emails, searching chatrooms here and there. The first two weeks, we didn't find an interesting chatroom. Until one day, I went to the office early went to and just typed chatrooms.. a lot of chatrooms were listed. I picked one at random. I started chatting with people, the usual a/s/l thingy. Then to make it short, I told my devil friends and we all became regulars. The three of us were the only Filipinos chatting in the room. Most of them are americans and australians. We had friends, then one time there's this Mark1 guy, I assumed he' a guy coz of the nick (who's kinda new in the room coz we haven't seen him before) So I talked to him. As usual the a/s/l thingy (which is pretty tiring to answer sometimes) We chatted for a while then started exchanging emails. He started sending me emails regularly. He asked for my pictures, but I said, I won't send you my picture until you send yours first. He said he didn't have a scanned picture as his scanner is not working (i thought it was a lame excuse eheheh) but he promised to send it to me as soon as he had his picture scanned. So I said, OK. I sent it and he said I'm beautiful! hahaha! That was funny to me. :D He keeps on losing my picture. He said he accidentally deleted it and want me to send it again. He had me send my picture at least 5 times. Then he finally send his picture and I didn't like it. I stopped replying to his emails for a while. But I still kept getting emails from him so I said, hmmm.."masagot na nga! wawa naman ehhehe" (don't tell him coz he didn't know that). We started exchanging snail mail addresses and phone numbers. Geez! He called me everyday! As in everyday! Either at the office or at home. My parents kept asking me, who is that? blah blah blah :) You know how it is with our parents. He kept sending me cards sometimes chocolates. Anyways, he decided to visit me in August of 1999. His mother was with him. I wasn't nervous at all coz I felt like I have known him for a long time. He was the one that was nervous when we first met at the airport coz I have my father with me and he kept asking himself, "what am I gonna do? Should I kiss her, hug her or shake her hand?". He hugged me and kissed me though :) They stayed for a week (very short) in Manila. Before they left he told my parents that he wants to marry me. (By the way, he's been divorced for ten years when we first met and has a son) My parents are a bit worried ofcourse, but geez! I was 25 years old then. As soon as he landed in the States, we started talking about marriage. This and that... To make this part short, we got married in the Philippines in March of 2000. He had his big brother, his mother and his dad's bestfriend as moral support. :) We've been married now for 7 years blessed with one "kuletz" in the house. Imagine that!

3. Characteristics: I love the fact that no matter what, me and his sons are his priority in life. He's very hard working. Honestly, he didn't need a wife ehehehe He's very good in the house. Whatever a good wife does, he can do it too.. ehehhe Much more organized than me. A bit perfectionist. Too scary to be around with sometimes because he wants everything to be in order. And the one thing that I am very sure of, he will never ever cheat on me. You might ask how can I be so sure of it?. Can't answer you that because it's just between him and me :D

4. Your plans 20 to 30 years from now. We haven't really talked about it, but we probably are just chillin' by then. Travelling here and there. If not, maybe we are sitting in the rocking chair in the front porch chit-chatting ehehehe Watching grandkids running around :)

So that's it. He'd kill me if he happens to read this post. :) Tagging all of you who hasn't done this. Take care everyone and thanks for reading!

My Own Domain

I got my own domain finally! But heck! I don't know what I'm gonna do with it. Luckily I have Ms. Tess helping me out coz honestly, I have no slight idea on what to do. As usual, Aling Tikya walked me through it.

Unfortunately, I did something stupid today that messed it up. I can't explain the HOWs and the WHYs so please don't ask me :D I tried to add my URL to Google but when I did the searching it didn't come out. siggghhhhh

Anyways, please do me a HUGE favor, if it isn't too much asking, please update my link on your blogs. I would appreciate it very much!! Thank you!

Here is my own domain link :

Till my next blog! TC all!

My Weekend

Friday: My MIL picked us up coz we need to spend the night in her house as the next day she had to take me to the CIS office for fingerprinting (requirement for my application for naturalization)... Saturday: Travel time is probably 30 minutes or so going to the CIS office...then when I got there I went in and out just like that... maybe 10 minutes and I'm all done. Came back to my MIL's house got our things and went back home. When we got to the house, hubby is here already. My son is jumping up and down. He's always happy to see his daddy. He kept hugging him and kissing him. So lovely to look at. I wish I took some pictures... Sunday: didn't do much, just rested the whole day...Ordered some chinese food, which we had for lunch and dinner... . Oh before it got dark hubby wants us to go out for a drive (my practice session), but I said I don't wanna drive.. don't feel so good-got cramps, "red flag" is up! :D plus hubby has a little headache so we just all stayed in bed, watched t.v. and slept all day.

Hope you all had a great weekend too! Enjoy the week ahead.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Tag From Teacher In-In This Time

Teacher In-In said that this is a very easy tag coz we just have to post our pictures when we were babies, toddlers or our younger years (we're still young though, aren't we? :D) Yeah it is easy, but the digging of those pictures are the hardest hahaha! They are those pictures who are up in the attic full of cobwebs :D

Anyways here it is...

(This is a picture when I was probably 3 years old.. Looks like the girl version of Lionel ehhehehe)

With my loving and best ever Grandpa (Bless his soul)

Can't remember where and when this picture was taken, Its a bit blurry but that's my family without the youngest as she wasn't even made yet ;) I'm standing next to my "nanay" who's holding her for dear life ehehhe

I think I was 18 here, with my cousin whom I used to babysit.

This was 1997 if I'm not mistaken, with my former officemates in the EDP Section.

Sometime in the summer of '98... geez! wish I'm still that "healthy" ehhehe I am "way mooore healthy" now eheheheh

Mark's first visit in the Philippines with his mom, taken somewhere in Bulacan on our way to Nueva Ecija.

Mark & I's first date.. Mind you in Enchanted Kingdom. That wasn't our plan though eheheh see I wasn't dressed appropriately.. If I knew,I would have wore a shirt and a pair of blue jeans :)

Mark obviously took this one and I don't know why but he loves the darn picture :)

Ok folks! That's all and I hope the pictures above wont' give you terrible nightmares! I'm tagging all you out there who hasn't been tagged to do this

Thanks for stopping by :) Till next blog.

A Tag From The Preggy Lovely Ruth :) TY!

Thank you Ms. Lovely Ruth for tagging me. I appreciate your visit. Come back soon :)

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

A - Age: I am Thirty Four

B - Band Listening To Right Now: Zilch

C - Career: A full time mom and a part-time blogger :)

D - Drink or Smoke: Neither

E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: When it comes to problems in's Michelle my bestie, Sharon and Juliana. When it comes to online rakets that would be Aling Tess (hands down!) :)

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Neither

H - Have a Boyfriend: I have a boypren, a lover and a friend (My Husbandry!) ;)

I - In love: Absolutely and always will be
J - Junk Food You Like: All of e'm!

K- Kids: One Boy named Kuletz :)

L - Longest Ride Ever: by air its from The Philippines to Chicago.. by land its from Chicago to Mall of America in Minnesota and back home... from Manila to Baguio City

N - Names For Your Future Kids: I haven't thought of it

O - One Wish You Have Now: One wish? Get over with my citizenship thingy

P - Phobias: I am scared of a lot of things but I wouldn't call it a phobia

Q - Favorite Quote: Don't do to others what you don't want others do unto you. (Hope I got it right.. Its like a tongue twister ehehehe

R - Reasons To Smile: my parents just sent me pocketbooks and i am still alive! :) wohoo!

S - Sleeping Hours: from 3 a.m. to whenever :)

T - Time You Woke Up: Today its a bit early.. 9 a.m. coz the plumber rang the bell :)

U - Unknown Fact About You: Unknown fact? hmmmm... oh! I love, love to read tagalog pocketbooks :)

V - Vegetable You Hate: Radish

W - Worst Habit: I am a procrastinator. Last minute type of person

X - X-rays You’ve Had: When I first visited a dentist here in the U.S. they had my teeth x-rayed

Y - Yummy Foods: Aren't they all yummy.. Told you, I love to eat :D

Z - Zodiac Sign: It is Gemini, the Twins :)

Seven things about me: Crazy, freespirited, caring, friendly, stubborn, adventurous at times and MERCILESS hahahah! j/k ;)

7 people that I have to tag: I'd like tag Ms. Tess, Redlan, Merydith, Recel, Juliana and Reigh

Thanks very much for reading! :) Till next tag.

Parents' Advice (Tagalog)

This is a good one, but forgive me non-tagalog readers.

It made me laugh so hard as I have heard all of this from my mother! Who would forget those?! I still can remember how she'd pull me off the side and say, "tingnan mo lang mangyayari sayo pag alis ng mga bisita" ehehehe She taught me how to anticipate! hahah!


Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan ang mga mumunti ngunit Ginintuang butil ng payo na nakuha ko sa aking mga magulang:

1. Si Inay, tinuruan niya ako HOW TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
"Kung kayong dalawa ay magpapatayan, doon kayo sa labas! Mga leche kayo, kalilinis ko lang ng bahay."

2. Natuto ako ng RELIGION kay Itay.
"Kapag yang mantsa di natanggal sa carpet, magdasal ka na!"

3.Kay Inay ako natuto ng LOGIC.
"Kaya ganyan, dahil sinabi ko."

4. At kay Inay pa rin ako natuto MORE LOGIC.
"Kapag ikaw ay nalaglag diyan sa bubong, ako lang magisa ang manonood ng sine."

5. Si Inay din ang nagturo sa akin kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng IRONY .
"Sige ngumalngal ka pa at bibigyan talaga kita ng iiyakan mo!"

6. Si Inay ang nagpaliwanag sa akin kung ano ang CONTORTIONISM.
"Tingnan mo nga yang dumi sa likod ng leeg mo, tignan mo!!!"

7. Si Itay ang nagpaliwanag sa akin kung anong ibig sabihin ng STAMINA.
"Wag kang tatayo diyan hangga't di mo natatapos yang lahat ng pagkain mo!"

8. At si Inay ang nagturo sa amin kung ano ang WEATHER.
"Lintek talaga kayo, ano ba itong kuwarto nyong magkapatid, parang dinaanan ng bagyo!"

9. Ganito ang paliwanag sa akin ni Inay tungkol sa CIRCLE OF LIFE:
"Malandi kang bata ka, iniluwal kita sa mundong ito, maari rin kitang alisin sa mundong ito."

10. Kay Itay ako natuto kung ano ang BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.
"Tumigil ka nga diyan! Huwag kang mag-inarte na parang Nanay mo!"

11. Si Inay naman ang nagturo kung anong ibig sabihin ng GENETICS.
"Nagmana ka ngang talaga sa ama mong walanghiya!"

12. Si Inay naman ang nagpaliwanag sa amin kung anong ibig sabihin ng ENVY.
"Maraming mga batang ulila sa magulang, di ba kayo nagpapasalamat at mayroon kayong magulang na tulad namin?"

13. Si Itay naman ang nagturo sa akin ng ANTICIPATION.
"Sige kang bata ka, hintayin mong makarating tayo sa bahay!"

14. At si Itay pa rin ang nagturo kay Kuya kung anong ibig sabihin ng RECEIVING .
"Uupakan kita pagdating natin sa bahay!"

15. Si Inay naman ang nagturo sa akin kung ano ang HUMOR.
"Kapag naputol yang mga paa mo ng pinaglalaruan mong lawnmower,
wag na wag kang tatakbo sa akin at lulumpuhin kita!"

16. At ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat, natutunan ko kina Inay at Itay kung ano ang JUSTICE.
"Isang araw magkakaroon ka rin ng anak, tiyak maging katulad mo at magiging pasaway at pasakit din sa ulo!"

Thanks Ms. RRB. I know you're not reading my blog but I still wanna thank you :)

TC all!

Beautiful Site Award! Thanks Juliana!

Wohooo! Miss Juliana gave me this Beautiful Site Award and I'd like to thank her very much as she thinks my site is pretty :) I appreciate it a lot!

I have been dying to have a 3 column template since I started blogging but unfortunately, I can't seem to get a good one that I will be able to manage smoothly. I tried editing my template but still it didn't work. Luckily, there's a person out there who has a big heart and gave me a copy of her 3 column template. I just edited the colors and fonts and voila! I have my new blog in order! :)

By the way, please don't ask me who is that person that has a big heart, coz I am not gonna tell you that it's ALING TIKYA OR MS. TESS, OR MRS. T. eehhehe She's cooking a new blog too. Check it out!

Thank you very much for the HELP Aling Tikya! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Brutally Honest

Wow! Thought I am brutally honest. Turned out that I wasn't :D I mean, I am honest but not as brutal as I thought I was :) And truly it's a good thing to be honest with big stuff. Lies will put you in a deep hole coz one lie leads to another lie and another lie, till you can't get of out it.

You Are 24% Brutally Honest

Honesty is nice, but only when it's convenient. You rather be nice than honest.
You figure it's important to be honest about the big stuff, but little lies never hurt anyone!

Thanks for dropping by folks. Till next time. TC!