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Friday, February 29, 2008

Accident Compensation

It’s almost March, but we still are experiencing a nasty weather here in the Chicagoland. Last Monday, we had at least 3-4 inches of snow. During this season, you will hear in the news a lot of accidents specially in the freeway. Just like last week, cause the road are pretty icy, 12 semi-truck and at least 15 cars were involved in a crash. According to the news, it was like a six mile wreck. It was so horrible. Thankfully there’s no death but most of them are injured.

Being involved in an accident like that is a very bad experience already and hopefully claiming an Accident Compensation is not as bad as the accident itself. I heard that it is not easy to claim an accident compensation, so surely, you need help of experts like people from Keypoint Legal Services. Although they are located in U.K., it is not a bad idea to visit their website ( to seek advice or read about personal injury and accident compensation claims, or know about the right compensation whether you are involved in a road traffic accidents, work accidents or just plain personal injury. The site has a tremendous amount of information from legal services to payment protection etc. So it is worth visiting.

So Sweet

It has been almost six months when we moved in this house. I've only met our next door neighbor once, but have seen the couple at least twice. They are so sweet because the guy has been clearing up our snow in the pathway at least two times now. The first time he did it, my hubby left them a thank you note and a few dollars (just to atleast contribute a bit in buying gas for their snow blower) in their mailbox. They are good neighbors, but stupid me, I forgot their surname aw! :(

Lifelock Alert!

How confident are you that you are not gonna be a victim of identity theft? As for me, I don’t think I can say 100% sure that I’m not gonna be victim, no matter how I try to protect it the best I can.

Late last year, I signed up for Experian’s free credit report and surprisingly I have something on my account that I have no idea at all where it came from. In the report it says that I have a credit card account, which thankfully is current and up to date with the payment. However, the said credit card on that particular report is not mine. So I have to go through the hassle of reporting it to them and waiting a few days for it to be deleted. After that I cancelled my account with them. I just don’t feel confident in using their services.

Now, what I really needed to do aside from taking all the measures in protecting all my valuable information is the service that lifelock has to offer, which is to protect our identity from crooks and thefts. How? By alerting you if you avail for new credit or someone is trying to do something with your credit. Also, upon signing-up with them, you are automatically covered by their $1 million service guarantee. Anyway, if you are interested in protecting you and your family, knowing more on how their services work, visit them now at


Early this afternoon, I called my husband just to check on him as usual. He answered the phone and told me that he is close and that he will call me in a few. I was surprised coz it's only Friday. I immediately got out of the bed and started cleaning up everything from the bedrooms to the kitchen and bathroom. I even washed our clothes and the bedsheets. Kuletz and I took our shower so we can rest and relax before his daddy comes home. While I was resting, I decided to call him up to check on him coz it has been like 3 hours since I talked to him. And to my dismay, he said he's in one of his client's workplace.. Duh!!! I told him I thought he said that he was close to the house. He laughed and said, he meant, he was close to the client. Dang! I knew there's something isn't right. Oh well, what's another day of wait. he'll be here tomorrow anyways :)


One of the things that would caught your eyes when you go to downtown Chicago are the skyscraper buildings like the Sears Tower, John Hancock Bldg., and so as the Water Tower. I like going there specially at night, because the lights are tremendously beautiful! However, it is very difficult to find a parking spot downtown specially during weekdays. Parking spaces should be addressed down there in order for the people to enjoy the city more conveniently.

They need something like Desman Associates has to offer. An attractive, cost efficient parking facilities. Desman is one of the leading national specialist in transportation improvements, which includes planning and designing. They provide innovative parking garage design specially to those challenging areas (places with small spaces, I guess or probably places where others might think that it‘s impossible to build one). They have served clients from public and private institutions here and abroad. This just proves that Desman has the capability and ability to give their clients more than they would expect.

If you want to see more of Desman’s project types that they specializes in as well as their few featured project profiles, you can simply visit anytime.

Gave A Smile On My Face

Earlier this evening, while I was watching t.v., I saw a message on my YM, I was surprised because it was one of my schoolmates in college whom I haven't talked to in a million years!!! (although I saw him on Friendster and added his profile to my lists of friends) The last time I talked to him on the phone was on 1991 before he, (yes I said He) moved to another country...Well, it's nothing though ehehe It just gave a smile on my face.. imagine! It was a long time already but through Friendster, I was able to communicate with him again as well as my other high school classmates whom I have not seen since our graduation :) Thanks to the world wide web :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


One of my friends encouraged me to create a blog cause she said I can earn money from it by expressing my opinions and write reviews for certain products and services. At first I was so hesitant cause it sounds like to good to be true. I created one anyway and honestly, I am not sorry at all, I am so thankful actually. Because first of all, I get to write anything that comes to my mind and vent everything without someone telling me to stop. And the good part is that I get to earn money just by expressing my opinions. How cool is that?

Now, you would get the same opportunity that I am getting from blogging, by signing up with Bloggerwave. You can make money from them by just sharing your thoughts, opinions and reviews of services and products through your blog. This basically can earn you extra money by just doing what you love. Blogging that is. So don't wait up, visit bloggerwave now and join among thousands and thousands of their members like me!

Advance Anniv?

Last Sunday, after our disaster in the kitchen, my hubby left. At that time I don't know where he went, he just said "I'll be back". When he got back I was so surprised that he has some food, a new DVD/VCR player and two dozens of roses. I didn't ask him what those things are for. I just let him do what he wants to do. I went back to bed and watched a little t.v. After an hour or so, I went downstairs to get some milk and I was so surprised that the roses are on the table already (he did a nice arrangement ha...really.. and am so impressed... I wish I took a picture, but I forgot and it's kinda wilted now ehehhe) There's also two greeting cards that says on the envelope (1. To My Wife, 2. Happy Anniversary) I was so surprised.. Happy Anniversary??? It was too early. Our anniversary is not until the 5th of March. But stupid me, I didn't ask him why he gave it to me so early eheheeheh I just thanked him and said I so love, love him. I haven't read the cards though... Will wait till the day of our anniv... I need to probably ask him why he did it so early. Will let you know soon. :) That's all folks ehehehe

Oyster Awareness

I was watching a t.v. show called “Food Heaven” in travel channel, wherein their episode is places where you can pig out. One of them was a restaurant that has a contest in eating as many oysters as you can. The guy who won ate 12 dozens of oysters. Imagine that! Anyways, this just reminded me of the time I had my first oyster. At first I thought it was nasty looking but one of my aunts talked me into eating it and to my surprise it wasn’t bad at all. It was actually pretty good. Since then I'd eat oysters every time I get the chance. But there was a point that the entire country (Phils.) got scared of eating any seafood specially mussels and oysters cause of the epidemic they called “red tide”. So I stopped eating too. I just started eating again when I got here in the States. Was influenced by one of my good friends.

What’s interesting about oysters, specially Gulf oysters is that the post-harvest processes that they go through. These are the individual quick-freezing, low heat or heat cool pasteurization and last but not the least is the high-hydrostatic pressure. According to the website, the processes has a unique advantage the provides convenience to all customers and reduce risk for at-risk consumers. Who are these at-risk consumers? I would suggest you visit and learn more about oysters at

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting To Know Me :)

This is a tag from Beth... Thanks Beth... By the way, I added your link to my blog. I didn't know that I haven't added it so I just did. You can check it out whenever you get the chance. Thanks very much again!

*Copy this entire list of questions and change all the answers so that they apply to you. Then tag and pass it along to other blogging friends. Let’s see how well we can get to know one another!

1. What is your occupation? - data entry (at home)
2. What color are your socks right now? - no socks at all :)
3. What are you listening to right now? i'm listening to the person yapping on t.v. guide channel
4. What was the last thing that you ate? ginatang bilo-bilo from the filipino store
5. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Black, white & ofcourse blue
7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? My hubby
8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? What's not to like? :) She don't know me that much but she's kind enough to tag me :)
9. Favorite drink? Water, cranberry juice
10. What is your favorite sport to watch? Football, Baseball, bowling
11. Have you ever dyed your hair? - nope, & my hubby likes it jet black
12. Dog named - big boy and shepp (they're not with us anymore though)
13. Favorite food? - everything edible :)
14. Last movie you watched? - Crank
15. Favorite Day of the year? - My Wedding Anniversary
16. What do you do to vent anger? - Talk to my besprend and cry
17. What was your favorite toy as a child? I can't recall oh! one of my paper dolls that my cousin made
18. What is your favorite, fall or spring? Spring.. not so cold and green everywhere :)
19. Hugs or kisses? i like them both..but more on hugging :)
20. What kind of pie? - Sweet Potato Pie
21. Do you want your friends to email you back? absolutely!
22. Who is most likely to respond? I am not so sure about that
23. Who is least likely to respond? Not sure either
24. Living arrangements? Living arrangements?? What do you mean? I live with my hubby and son though :)
25. When was the last time you cried? The other day, watching the freaking Maalaala Mo Kaya :)
26. What is on the floor of your closet? Junk! ehehehe
27. Who is the friend you had the longest that you are sending this to? Maybe Aling Tikya
28. The friend you have known the shortest amount of time that you are sending this to? - Maybe Redlan :)
29. Favorite smell? Hugo Boss, Cool Water and now the sweet smell of Sweet Honesty (all time fave)
30. What inspires you? A lot of things inspires me
31. What are you afraid of? - losing someone close to my heart
32. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? cheeseburgers
33. Favorite car? - I don't have a fave.. as long as it can take me to wherever I wanna go
34. Favorite cat breed? - Not a cat person
35. Number of keys on your key ring? A lot... but I reduced it to three :)
36. How many years at your current job? almost 2
37. Favorite day of the week?? Saturday, just because hubby is here
38. How many provinces have you lived in? 1
39. How many countries have you been to? 1

I'd like to tag, Aling Tikya, Redlan and to those who wants to do this, you are all pretty much welcome.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Online Casino By Joyland

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It Isn't Over

Last Saturday and Sunday was a great day. It was very sunny and not so cold. But just when I thought winter is's snowing again!!! Yep! It has been snowing here since early this evening... I don't even know how many inches it just looking at it outside, it's probably a good 3-5 inches...Well, what can you say, Chicago weather eh... very unpredictable...I've seen some snow in the middle of April... I like winter, but can't wait for the spring to come...not the summer though eheheh

Monday, February 25, 2008


Most of us at this computer age have all our files saved in our hard drives and eliminated the use of papers. Like for example our bills, bank statements etc. But what our we gonna do if we accidentally deleted some of these important documents/files? For some who don’t know much about computers would seek help of an expert. Flashback Data is one of the leaders in a lot of data services, which includes, computer forensics, media and data conversions. Also, Recover Deleted Files is one of their expertise. So, if you think you deleted and lost an important and critical files, worry not, cause Flashback Data can recover it for you. Visit them at for more information.


Hello everyone! How's your Monday so far? As for us, not busy as usual :) No opps to do, no data entry to do, meaning I am zero for the day ehehehe.. Hubby left already so it's just me and kuletz...

Last Saturday, we had another disaster here... The freaking kitchen faucet was broken again!!! I wanna curse the heck out of that contractor who put the darn faucet, but I held it coz I don't wanna upset my hubby either. I know he's tired too coz he just got in from work. Anyways, he decided to totally take the kitchen faucet off and just told me we are gonna get a new one. So the next day, that's what we did, we bought a new kitchen faucet in Home Depot and he put it in (so thankful that hubby is a good handyman too ehehehe) He was so sexy while he was under the kitchen sink fixing it eheheheeh (sorry can't help saying it :D) Coz he really was :P

Anyhow, just wanted to greet you Happy Monday, hope you'll have a good week! TC!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time Management

One of the things that hubby complains about me is that he says, I don’t know what time management means. I know that he’s pretty right about it. Well, can you blame me? I work part time at home, which means I don’t have to wake up early, my son still doesn’t go to school, can’t go anywhere without my hubby cause I don’t drive. I feel like I have all the time in the world. He said, I maybe right but he said I have to think ahead. I have to set all my priorities straight and smart goals are good thing to have.

What he said made me thinking. Coincidentally, I came across a website called which tackles about time management, goal setting, stress management and more. The site also offers time management course, book, software, guides and tips. It is a very interesting, comprehensive and helpful site.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Kishy" Died

Kuletz fish "Kishy" died.. I just forgot to mention in here, but the beta fish was dead.. He died last January 18 or probably 19th, when we left for Rockford. We don't really know what happened. Before we left, hubby cleaned the fishbowl (because kuletz poured the whole container of food in it), took out some of the stones coz he thought it's kinda crowded and gave him nothing but tiny bits of bread crumbs. Then when we got back from Rockford, hubby exclaimed that we gotta go to the store to get some fish food. But he was surprised coz the fish is not in the fish bowl, he asked me if I killed it (coz I keep on threating the fish that I'm gonna throw it away) :D I said no! I didn't touch it... and we dig under the small stones and pebbles and found the poor fish under it... how he got there, we don't know.. maybe he was so hungry and looking for scrap of food under it. Kulets is still looking for Kishy once in a while but he's into his little parakeet now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Budget Planning Is The Key

One thing that is rampant in America is that, a lot of people are in debt. Actually, it’s just not in America, it’s all over the world. Most people don’t know how to manage their finances. They thought, when they have a credit card, it’s like a free pass or something.

One person (other than me) that I know who has been through debt dilemma is my hubby. He said he was in his early twenties when he maxed out all his credit card. Thankfully, he finally came into his senses and seek the help of a debt consolidation company. Now, he has a good credit standing. Both of us has a good credit standing now if I may say so.

I believe that budget planning is one of the keys in getting out of debt or staying out of debt. One article that I read from a website called CareOne Credit Counseling is very interesting. It is entitled 101 Ways To Trim Your Budget (it is under Budget Planning in their article library). I am sharing it with you because it is very helpful to everyone. It tells you how to make a budget and stick to it. Also, how to prioritize your wants and needs etc. I have read a few articles already and I bookmarked it for more later reading.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Vogue !?

Am I really in Vogue Magazine? ehehehe hubby will probably be amazed if I show this one to him.... :D The picture is kinda blurry...or my face is just really blurry whether in the pic or in person ehehehe.... not a mag material :D
Anyways, thanks for the tag Ms. Norm! :) I had a hard time finding a decent pic... (oh well, it's not that I am "Nekkid" (Ms. Juliana's term, ty much eheheh) in all my pics... its just that, it's hard to find a not so ugly pic ehehehe

Beautiful Barcelona

I have seen some of the beautiful places in Barcelona through the travel channel and some are from America’s Next Top Model cycle 7. I have always liked to visit Barcelona, Spain. But it made me want to visit more when one of my friends in social network Friendster posted her pictures taken in Barcelona. Some of her pictures was taken in front of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, which I believe, was built in 1847. She also has pictures in Montjuic, Labyrinth Park and more. She said that she stayed in one of the beautiful Barcelona Hotels (Avenida Palace or Hotel Oriente, can’t remember) which is very close to the places where she went. She added how so amazed she was with Barcelona’s wonderful architecture, their delicious Spanish cuisine and fabulous weather and culture. With that story, who wouldn’t wanna visit Barcelona?

Happy Monday!

I believe it is holiday today, is it really? Not sure ehehehe...but I think it is President's Day. Anyways, how's your Monday goin so far? Nothing much on this end... lazy as usual... At this point I'm watching The Simpson's sipping, some chocolate milk and typing this message :) Maybe lay down on the bed later on and take a cat nap while kuletz is playing.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mortgage, Remortgage, Etc.

When we were buying this house, I have learned from our agent that getting a fixed-rate mortgage is better than getting an adjustable rate mortgage. She explained to us the difference between the two and told us the fixed-rate mortgage is getting more popular than ever to home buyers and for people who wants their house Remortgage. Well, she was right. I have read an article in a website called Money Magic which can be find in The site contains advice to first time home buyers and for homeowners as well. They tackle everything from different type of mortgages like bad credit mortgages, international mortgages, flexible mortgages and so on. Mortgage guides can also be read in the website. If you want to inquire more about it visit them now at

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Tragedy

It was a very sad day for a lot of people yesterday in Dekalb, Illinois, where another school (Northern Illinois University) shooting happened. More than 20 people were injured, 5 students and the gunman were dead. It's very devastating. There's a lot of school shootings have been happening lately...There really is no safe place now. Just when you thought kids are safe in school :( Let's pray for all the victims and their families and so as the gunman and his family. If you want to read more about it, click here.

Broker Skills

The statement “making a six-figure income has never been easier” caught my attention from a website called Who wouldn’t wanna make a six-figure income? Of course, we all do. But how? Well, that’s how come into the picture. They offer a package that will give you the knowledge and all the tools you need to become a successful commercial broker. From the step by step instructions on how to originate loans, broker agreements, loan applications and more. Their website is easy to use and loaded with information you need about the great business opportunity that they want to share with you. If you are interested, you can order their package risk-free. To learn more, visit them at

Post A Smile

I haven't been doing so many tags I am gonna start little by little again... this one is a tag from EDS.. Thanks Eds!

Kuletz was 2 days shy from turning 1 year old here. He was just smiling so big coz he liked his early birthday present given by his uncle. I always thougt he looks like a chipmunk coz of his big teeth ehehehe One of my favorite pictures :)

Create An Online Store

Creating an online store sounds very intimidating to me. Why? Because first of all, I don’t have any idea on how to run a business, let alone an online business. I know I am not the only one. Many people would probably like to start their own business but don’t know where to start.

Anyways, I found out that starting an online store is not as bad as I thought it was specially with the help of Ashop Commerce. Ashop Commerce basically helps people in their online store by providing them an affordable, award winning shopping cart software. This ecommerce software is web based and no installation is needed. Hosted on their ultra fast web servers, your shopping cart is being monitored 24/7. It is customizable for their clients’ need and are available with different pricing plan that best suit your business.

If you want to be one of the thousands of Americans that Ashop Commerce have helped, visit their website now and avail of their 10 day FREE TRIAL. Oh and don’t worry, because no credit card is required, so don’t wait up… you’ve got nothing to lose.


How Did It Go?

Hi folks! So how's your valentine's day went? As for as here, my son and I went out with my MIL, which I have mentioned in my earlier post. We just did a little shopping... bought a little something for my hubby, for myself and kuletz. Then we bought some pizza from Subway (kuletz loves their sausage pizza, he'd it all the sausage and cheese and leave the bread ehehehe) As for me, I bought buffalo wings and creamy seafood salad from our grocery store's deli (probably not the best dinner combination, but it was surprisingly delish!). That's how our day went... how about you? Oh! Thanks for all who dropped by and wished me a happy V day :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Online Degrees

This coming September, I am planning to enroll my son in pre-school because he’s 4 years old now and I think he’s pretty much ready for that. He knows his number and alphabets very well and he can even write them too. Since he’ll be in school, I will have a few hours of free time. I have been thinking of going back to school myself. I would like to continue my schooling to complete my degree in Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. At this point, I only have an Associate Degree. Anyways, a few hours of free time won’t do me any good if I will be attending to a physical school. So, I was thinking of getting an online degree, which is probably more convenient for a mommy like me.

Speaking of online degree, I heard that Columbia Southern University offers online programs like associate (i.e. in general education, criminal justice) , bachelor (i.e. information technology, marketing, fire science), graduate (i.e. Health care management, finance) and doctorate (business administration) degrees . If you are interested to know much more of the online degrees & programs they offer, pay them a visit and/or request information at

Happy "V" Day!!!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to greet you a happy heart's day... hope your day is going pretty well.. as for me, i have a date with my MIL :) hubby is not here so MIL and my kuletz here will do :) So, we'll see you all later.. have a pleasant day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best Thing Found!

I was talking to my mother last night and she mentioned that she needed to buy a new eyeglasses cause her old eyeglasses isn’t working for her anymore. She thinks that the grades of her eyes increased from what it is now. However, she’s hesitant to ask money from me because she said it is too expensive. I told her not to worry about it. All she gotta do is to have her eyes checked and I told her that we will be buying her eyeglasses online as I found Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses. She didn’t wanna believe that there is such an $8 dollar eyeglasses. I told her there is and so far it is one of the Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical. I asked my sister to show my mother the website so she can choose the frame that she likes and below is the picture of what she chose:

I think it’s a pretty good choice. I am so thankful that we found this Great Discovery: Zenni Optical.

Don't Know Which One

I don't know which one to watch... It's American Idol (start of the Hollywood audition and its a two hour show...I've seen the first part though) Tonite is also the premier of Big Brother... now I'm flipping channels again... :) I think that filipina made it through the second round....

Pet Blog

Since I got here in the U.S. my husband have had two dogs already. The first one was a black Labrador named Bigboy and the second one is a German Shepherd that we called Shep. Bigboy was a very good dog but unfortunately, he got lost. My hubby and I don’t exactly know what happened cause my mom-in-law was watching him at that time. Then my hubby bought Shep when he was still a puppy, we had him for two years I guess, however, hubby has to give it up to animal shelter because he can’t take care of it anymore (due to him being away for a long time and he didn’t want me to take care of it either because at that time my son was still a baby).

Anyways, today while I was browsing the internet an entry from a Pet Blog caught my attention. It was about microchipping pets. I thought, if Bigboy has a microchip then, we should’ve not lost him. I am sure pet lovers will love this blog called “Thoughts Fur Paws”. This is a good site wherein pet owners/lovers can exchange/share interesting stories about their pets and more. Oh by the way, if you too want to check the blog here’s the link


Why in the world am I so sleepy? I don't understand. Last night I went to bed early (this is very seldom, I tell you)...around 11:00 p.m. I fell asleep while hubby was giving me a leg massage...I woke up at 6:30 a.m. just before hubby left for work... At around 3:00 p.m. I had a nap, but I still feel sleepy...I am not pregnant! ehehehe I just find it so interesting coz when I have 4 hours of sleep I am so alive and kicking but when I get 8 hours of sleep, I feel more sleepy. Crazy isn't it? :)

Gas Heaters Online

Yesterday, I had the chance to discuss with my husband how high our gas bill was. It really was tremendously high but he said he wasn’t surprised at all because, you know, it is winter and we are constantly using the heater. So I asked him if there’s an alternative to it, he said we could turn the heater off once in a while and use a gas heater or a space heater to save a little money.

I reminded him of the gas heater (that uses kerosene) that he broke. He said we’ll just buy a new one as a replacement and asked me to start looking. I said I don’t have to look further cause I know exactly where to turn to. I will be looking for some gas heaters online. It will be much easier cause I don’t have to get out of the house in this cold weather. One site that I will be looking at is where they offer a flat rate for shipping whether I will be buying a space heater or gas heater (they also have garage heaters and so as propane heaters). I believe they offer the best prices so I better check it out now.

How Long?

I have no idea how long will I be waiting for my citizenship test and interview. I submitted my application last July and had been fingerprinted last October. Since then, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting... so anxious to get through and be done with it. I hate the waiting game... Hopefully, I will get something this February...even March wouldn't be that long of a wait... I just hope it won't be not longer than that.

Visa Amigo!

One of my friends here in the U.S. has a boyfriend in the Philippines. Recently, they have been wanting to tie the knot but my friend decided to wait till she gets her citizenship. However, she kept on bugging me about the procedures in getting a fiance visa, which I told her that I have no idea at all because I came here with a K1 visa (if I remembered it correctly, not sure though).

Anyways, as I was browsing the internet earlier, I came across a website that caters to guiding people in the complexity of U.S. immigration laws. It is called It’s a pretty good site cause they have all the information from fiance visa guide (which my friend needs to read), to citizenship & naturalizaton, immigration petition processing etc. I will surely bookmark this site cause I want to know more about petitions and stuff (in preparation to petitioning my mother). Interested too? Visit them at for more info.

Feels Like Monday

Yeah to me, it feels like Monday coz hubby just left for work. I am so used to him leaving every Monday morning.. Now I gotta check the calendar every once in a while before I get confused of the date. Anyways, how's your Tuesday so far? I have no data entry nor opps to write (well I have one but I still don't feel like writing, though it will expire in a few hours or so)... I guess I will be watching t.v., playing online games and messing with my kuletz here :D What a life! :D

Monday, February 11, 2008

Introduction To RC Cars

For RC cars enthusiast or just a novice, there’s a new blog which was just launched and is penned by RC cars champion himself Igor Presnukhin. Read his Introduction to RC Cars for Beginners post for tons of tips, tricks, useful hints and anything that has something to do with radio control (or remote control to some) cars. His tips are accompanied by photos which is, in my opinion, more helpful to readers specially for newbies. Interesting isn’t it? To know more about RC cars, visit his website at now.

I Hate Rubiks Cube

Yes, i hate that thing. Why? Because I can't solve the freaking puzzle!!! No matter what I do I can't seem to get it and it's making me crazy!!!...It was very popular in the 80's... it's been a long time since I saw one rubiks cube... but yesterday hubby went out to get some food and when he got back, he has this freaking rubiks cube and gave it to me :D I don't know why, I went crazy again ehehehe but this time I at least solve two colors (one at a time though). :D

Wew! I am not making any sense here... anyways, hope your Monday was good.. I'm outta here for a while coz hubby is still here (off from work).. laters!!! {poof}

Saturday, February 9, 2008

$50,000 College Education Sweepstakes

Do you watch soap opera like As the World Turns or Guiding Light? If you don’t you might wanna start watching because at this time they are sponsoring a PGP College Education Sweepstakes for $50,000 together with Procter and Gamble Productions. It’s easy to enter, all you have to do is to watch As The World Turns and/or Guiding Light for the following three days... February 11th, 13th and 15th and answer a simple question in order to enter for the sweepstakes.

If you are interested and would like to know the Official Rules, visit Goodluck!

Why Am I...

...absent minded today? I was cleaning up, washing clothes all day... cooked, took out the trash and everything... in other words, I just put the house in order coz it's Saturday again and hubby is gonna be here. I want him to come to a neat house. I gave Kuletz a bath. After that I decided to take a shower too.. and I don't know what happened to me but I used the body wash on my hair and I used the shampoo as body wash. Isn't that twisted? tsk..tsk..tsk.. I realized it when I was dryin' up coz my hair is kinda sticky... so I had to jump back in the shower and shampoo my hair... wew! Anyways, I'm all done.... sat down here on my computer and to my shock, I was so lucky enough to grab one opp from PPP... on a Saturday?!!? Yey! :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chopper Beach Cruisers

<=== Take a look at this beauty… Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the powder blue color too. This is one of the chopper beach cruisers that can be found on the new website called This is just in time for the summer, oh well, even in the spring time, this would do. I would love to have this one to take to the beach and just cruise there with my hubby and son. I have been wanting to do that for quite sometime but both of us are just busy and couldn’t find time, not only that we are busy, but also because of the bad weather this winter, of course it’s too impossible. Summer won’t be here for a few months more so we still have time to put up some money for it. :)

Anyways, if you are interested in getting one or just wanted to take a look at their collections, visit They offer Women’s Cruiser from 24”-26”, Men’s Cruiser 24”-26”, Men’s Cruiser for Big & Tall, Low Riders & Choppers with One Speed or Multi Speed, Kids’ Cruisers and so as parts and accessories. Also, visit them every now and then to check on the specials and new products.

It's TGIF Once Again

How's your Friday going so far? For us here, been busy doing data entry (no opps *sigh*) and just finished paying the never ending tons of bills.

Oh the other thing that made me so busy the entire day is looking for my son's favorite ugly little car (i posted a picture of it in one of my entries) We've been looking for it since late last night... then early this afternoon while I was paying some bills, he screamed "there it is!!!" I don't even know where he found it :D He just got so excited...Thank God! He's been bugging me about it since he woke up.
Anyways, Happy Friday all! Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hydroponics Gardening

Gardening is one of the things that I haven’t done in my life because I don’t like dealing with digging soil or dirt. However, hydroponics gardening is one of the things that I am considering right now because I heard that it is one of the most productive way of growing any type of plants without engaging with the messy soil. I am looking for the cheapest hydroponics supplies right now at so I can get started.

A New Phone

<==== This is the slide phone (Samsung t429) that I got last Sunday, but after having it for two days, I decided to return in to T-mobile because I feel like its too big for my hands and sliding it when I want to use it is just a pain (slippery most of the time) and the bluetooth capability is limited.

I returned it yesterday and got me this one ==>
(Motorola W490) a bit more pricey but I like it more (I've been eyeing this one for quite sometime and this is the one that I should have gotten in the first place (but as cheap as I am, I held back ehehehe) I am happy now coz I finally got what I want.

I am a stay at home mom, so I don't need anymore fancier than this phone :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Car Quotes

Today, my friend and her sister are supposed to go out and check out some car prices of used vehicles as she wants to trade-in her old car. But unfortunately, the weather is just terrible. We’ve been getting rain and snow (actually it looks like teeny weeny hales) since this morning. However, I told my friend’s sister to not be disappointed because she can check out Car Prices and get 2 quotes on the internet by visiting Its faster and she didn’t have go through the nasty weather outside.


How's your Wednesday so far guys? As for me I woke up at 8:30 a.m., check out some opps but I guess it was too early so I didn't get any. I just did my data entry. I'm not sure yet what I'm gonna be doing today, but I sure will put an entry about it later on. For right now, I'm gonna be doing a little more data entry (if there's still some left for me :D) Laters! Enjoy your day all.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Real Rank By IZEA

Blogging was not in my vocabulary at all till one of my good friends convinced me to create one as she said I can earn money off of it. Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I wouldn’t pass an opportunity like that. To make it short, I created my first blog ever and surprisingly I enjoyed doing it because I was able to write and share things like my interests, my everyday vents, happy thoughts and anything that comes to my mind. And yes, my friend was right, other than sharing my thoughts, the best part of blogging is earning money.

However, in order to make money off your blog, it should be ranked pretty good by search engines. How? I guess some of the best things are… write interesting posts so your visitors will keep coming back, visit as much blogs as you can hoping that they will return the favor. But to be honest, this page rank system is still a big mystery to me, I don’t know how Google calculates it. I heard something about algorithms and stuff but still, I have no idea how it’s done.

Anyway, IZEA just launched, a blog ranking system that calculates your Blog Ranks based on average daily traffic it generates. As simple as that. Since it is in early stage, there are some glitch still, but don’t be alarmed, I am sure that IZEA staff are working on it. They are giving away $1000 to the blog with #1RealRank, so register now!

Monday, February 4, 2008

NY Giants!!!

I am not a football fan, but I like watching it once in a while specially during the super bowl as my hubby watches it too. As usual, he hates it when I'm watching because I have the tendency to scream throughout the entire game. :) Can you blame me? Can't help it :) Anyways, last night was a great game, hubby thought that the New England Patriots bagged another super bowl, but boy was he wrong! I am so glad that the NY Giants won... just tired of the NE Patriots winning every super bowl games (sowee) :D