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Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Been A While Peeps!

Oh wow! It's been ages ago when I posted something here... tsk! tsk! tsk! I was so busy dealing with my "new addiction" and so this what happens. I don't know if I am liking the new Blogger. I guess I need to get use to using this once again. 

Speaking of my "new addiction"... since I resigned from my job ast November 2011, I found myself watching Korean Dramas (kdrama)...How it started? I was lazing around one day, flipping thru t.v. channels, I stopped when I heard this foreign sounding drama that I happened to stumble upon. It has english subtitle so I watched (or read, I should say) for a couple of minutes, then got engrossed and dissapointed when it ended...I couldn't wait for the next episode...I was very impatient then, so I got up and searched it on the internet and voila! The complete series was posted on YouTube :) I finished the whole series in lest than 24 hours... Since then, I got hooked to Kdramas, but there's a slight twist to it!!! Will let you know on my next entry :P Have a great Saturday peeps!