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Friday, August 29, 2008

Muchos Fantastic Blog

Have any of you ever heard the word bidet? I myself have just heard of it recently, from one of the episodes of The Girl Next Door on E! Channel actually. Anyways, if you wanna know what a bidet is, watch the video of Muchos Fantastic below and see what an actual bidet look like. Then please tell me what can you say about it. As for me, I will give the video and the site a 5 out of 10 just because I can’t really understand some of the words Mucho’s saying. Well, at the moment, they are in the process of improving their website, so I can bear with it, still needs a little tweaking I guess.

Here's the video:

Fell Asleep

My poor boy here fell asleep. It's already 6:38 p.m. geez! He probably got so tired of playing all day. He's trying to wait for his daddy and when I checked on him, he's already snoring eheehee... I will be too, so I guess I need to make a pot of coffee :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


There have been a lot of debates regarding stem cells, however, I don’t wanna go through the negative parts, instead let’s take a look at the positive aspects of it. For parents-to-be out there, did you know that umbilical cord blood can be stored for future use? Yes, it can be put in a cord blood bank. According to researchers, stem cells from cord blood can be potentially used to treat several life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, anemia, lymphoma and luekemia just to name a few. It said to be that studies have shown that cord blood stem cells can also be used for siblings or family members who have matching tissues. Very interesting I’d say.

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Waiting For Senator Obama

I am patiently waiting for Senator Obama's acceptance speech in the Democratic National Convention. I believe it is gonna be tonight. Last night, at Sen. Joe Biden's acceptance speech, Sen. Obama made a surprise appearance, quite cute ehehehee. Don't tell hubby, but I am an Obama girl now :D Well, we will see if he can top the speech that her dear wife Michelle, delivered last Monday.

Heavenly Couture

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Here’s a sneak peak of some of their products:

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Michael Phelps On SNL

Can't wait for that! Just heard on the news that Michael Phelps will be hosting Saturday Night Live on September 13th. Yey! I Wonder if he'd be nervous :) Also, he'll be in Chicago very soon. I didn't catch when though. I will be doing some research on that. As much as I want to have a glimpse of him, I can't... hubby will have a fit hahaaha!

Remote Access Software

I am so sure that most of us have had our share of encountering poor customer service one way or another. It could really make your blood bubble, but as much as possible you’d try to keep your cool and not just blow up. It is very frustrating for a customer like me, however, I know it’s very frustrating for the customer service representatives too. I am sure that they want to help their clients to the best that they can. And I guess the most excellent thing a company should do to improve their customer support is to have remote access software by NTR Global. What does this do? They provide businesses an instantaneous, user-friendly remote support to their consumers and personnel alike. It can be used on your PC or Mac wherever you are. To learn more, visit and avail of their 15-day trial for FREE!

The Truth Really Hurts (Very Long But A Must Read)

This is an email that was forwared by my friend. This post is a very long one, but I am sure when you start reading it, you won't stop. It's like pringles.. once you pop, you can't stop ehehehe... Anyways, I don't really know what to say about this issue. I don't wanna comment :) All I can say is that, the truth really hurts... reality bites... Please read on and share your thoughts with me. Thanks for looking! :)

Here it is (I think this was published by Philippine Star):

The Philippines is a nation of starstruck ignoramuses'

by Don Pedero
Philippine Star

Last July 23, I wrote about Nasty (short for Anastacio), a balikbayan
from Los Angeles , who, while vacationing in Manila , had nothing to say
but negative comments about the Philippines and the Filipinos. The
article elicited a deluge of comments from our readers. Though some
agreed with his curt observations, most were enraged at the repulsive
way he acted and whined.

For me, he was the classic epitome of the 'crow perched on a carabao,'
thinking and acting nauseatingly superior just because he has become an
American citizen, inequitably comparing everything here to how they
are in the first world. I was particularly irked by his repulsive
'know it all' attitude and peeved no end by his irritating Waray-American twang.

Those who have not read that article may access and click
archives, then select July 23 and click Lifestyle. The article is
entitled 'Little Brown Americans.'

As a backgrounder, here is an excerpt:

The next day, I took them on a little city tour and accompanied them to do extra shopping at the duty-free shop. They were to leave two days later for their respective provinces (Randy is from Pampanga,
Nasty, from Samar ).

'God, ang dilem-dilem naman ditow (it is so dark here)!' screamed Nasty in his characteristic Taglish slang, 'At ang inet-inet pa (and so warm)! * * *

All throughout the day, Nasty complained about everything. He griped that all Filipinos he encountered were dense and inefficient (I hope that didn't include me!); that the traffic was horrendous and drivers 'drove like they were late for their funerals'; that the pollution from the smoke-belching vehicles was irritating his dainty, surgically-pinched nose. He was disgusted that water closets didn't work; horrified that there was no toilet paper in public toilets ('God, how do you people do it?' he bewailed); petrified by street children begging while soaking wet in the rain ('Where are the parents of these kids?' he nagged).
He moaned about the proliferation of slums, people crossing the superhighways ('There should be underground or overhead walkways for pedestrians! ' he demanded), the potholes on the streets, the disgusting garbage and filth all over the city, and the annoying floods! And all these he observed in just one day!

Weeks after the publication of the article, I took Nasty's silence to mean that of contempt and anger. I must admit that I didn't care because I was really turned off by his arrogance. The good news is, Nasty has finally decided to break his silence and give us his side, loaded with a
big piece of his mind. The bad news is, he hits more sensitive chords and it stings.

Nasty's E-Mail :

Dear Dero,

My Zen master says, 'Never fight fire with fire.' So, I sat in a lotusposition, imbibed the ethereal qualities of cool mountain water and stoically resisted the temptation of answering back to defend myself in rebuttal of your article. I kept quiet while you and your readers had a charlatan holiday, dissecting and fanning sarcasm on my every comment about your country and your people.

I am not mad at you for writing that piece. I was never upset at any point, even after your readers from all over the world e-mailed in their two-cents' worth. In fact, I found it rather amusing and carnival-like.
I even felt happy that people still came to the defense of your Philippines !

If you noticed, I now refer to the Philippines and Filipinos as your country and your people. Every time I went back there for vacation, my Filipino-ness always took the better of me (blame those damn green mangoes smothered with bagoong!) and made me forget that I am, in all
reality, what you aptly called a 'Little Brown American.' I have come to terms with my own identity- I am, after all, an American citizen carrying an American passport!

What precipitated my quick decision to sever my ties with your country (aside from your ***** of an article) were the Abu Sayyaf abductions (que barbaridad!) , the Payatas-like downslide of the peso (eat your hearts out, I earn sweet American dollars!), the 'devoid of conscience' graft and corruption in your government (this has gone on for the longest time-how shameful!), and lately, the stupid 'Juetengate' and juicy but enraging 'Boracay' mansion gossips. With all these, who would be proud to be a Filipino? Besides, to tell you frankly, those Erap jokes are no longer funny- they are passe and leave a bad taste in the mouth and heart.
NoApology If I sounded brash and insensitive with the way I threw my comments, well, I cannot do any-thing about that because that is the way I am, and I offer no apology. Here, in America , you have to tell it like it is or you'll never be taken seriously. I have learned to drop my 'Pinoy sugarcoating' because out here, you get nothing done if you are meek and sweet and pa-api. Hindi puwede mag-Anita Linda dito!

When I commented about your pollution, street children mendicants, slums,potholes, toilets that don't work, garbage, floods, and most of all, the Pinoys' chronic lack of discipline, I was merely putting into
words what I saw. I can't blame your being blind about your country's situation. My Zen master says, 'One cannot easily see the dirt in one's eye.'

I am sure though that you are aware of those sordid details, but have grown accustomed to them (like most Manile?s have). All the complaints I aired may have hurt your pride but what I wanted you to realize is this: The things I pointed out are all symptoms of a failing, falling nation!

Suffering A National Karma?

Could yours be a country cursed with a huge national karmic debt? It could be payback time, you know. Look back into your history, look deep inside your hearts-what could you have done as a nation to deserve this fiasco you are in today?

What you are faced with didn't just happen overnight-it developed and grew into a monster in the course of time. Deeply imbedded in the psyche of the Filipino is the amalgamation of the characters and events that have impacted your lives - Dona Victorina, Dona Concepcion, poor Sisa as
well the other hilarious and tragic characters of Dr. Jose Rizal...

Stonehill... the notorious gangsters immortalized by your Filipino movies like Asiong Salonga (hmmm!), et al...the killers in your (I thought they'd never end!) massacre movies...those cheap, appalling titles of your movies...those staged 'religious miracles' that your naive masses men with pushy queridas (mistresses) ...your crooked politicians, undependable police officers and greedy customs collectors.. .your bribe-hungry court judges...Imeldific, gloriously
smiling and crying at the same time, bejeweled. (How very Fellini!)

What you are is the sum total of your history, your heritage and culture,your education, the crap that your press sensationalizes, the bad icons that your movies glorify, the artificial values your advertising extols, the bad examples your leaders and role models project. What you feed your country's mind is what it becomes. You have become the ugly monster that you've created. You are now crying all the tears your sickeningly sentimental movies wailed out for years and years!

Your Biggest Fault

If there is one thing that comes to mind, I think your biggest fault would be your individual greed. 'Ako muna!' seems to be the national mantra. The trouble is, very few people think for the common good in a deplorable 'to each his own kurakot' festival. Coupled by your crab mentality of pushing down others, this can be fatal. You think barangay, not national. Hello, everybody else around the world is
thinking global! Europe is unshackling her national boundaries while you are building fences around your nipa huts.

Do yourselves a favor and look at your nation as a ship. All of you are in it and it is sinking! Realize your oneness-what hurts your brother hurts you, too. Think about the future of your children and the
succeeding generations, and do something about it quick before your poor little banca plunges forever into the irretrievable depths of despair.

Star-Struck Nation

You are a nation of star-struck ignoramuses. You are easily awed by your movie stars who are usually nothing but uneducated, aquiline- nosed and light-skinned ******** picked up from some gutter somewhere. I have seen what these artistas illusionadas can get away with. They just flash
their capped-tooth smiles and policemen let them get away with traffic violations; they bat their false eyelashes and customs officers impose no duty on their suspicious balikbayan boxes.

Worst of all, with the Filipino movie industry taking a nosedive, hordes of actors and show personalities went into politics. It is, as they say, the next best 'racket'-there is more money to be made in the politicking business than in show business! (And what is this I hear that in the coming elections, more are jumping into the arena? Mag-hara-kiri na kayo!) How can you expect these comedians and actors, who only know how to take directions from their directors, to direct
your nation? For them,politics will just be an 'act'. No big surprise here, for they are mere actors with no original scripts to speak, no original visions to share. So what can you expect but a government thatis a comedy of errors. Serves you and your star- struck nation right!
My Zen master says, 'Give unto Caesar what is due to Caesar, but keep Charlie Chaplin on the silver screen to make us laugh.' To survive, you must teach your citizenry to say no to three things - no to drugs, no to stealing and graft and corruption, and no to artistas in politics. I hope you've learned your lesson by now. (Yours is the only country where Mexican soap stars are received like royalty in the presidential palace. How shoddy! God forbid-Fernando Carrillo might end up being your next
president. At least he has great abs and doesn't wobble like a penguin when he walks!)

For those artistas who honestly believe that they can make a positive difference in the Filipino masses' life, they must first study law, business and public administration, and immerse themselves in the life and passion of Mother Teresa. Politics is not an art for dilettante artistas to dabble in. It is called 'Political Science,' hello?!

Educate Your Masses
Educate the masses - especially your electorate. What you need is an intelligent vote aside from, of course, intelligent candidates. The University of San Carlos in Cebu City , founded in 1595, and the
University of Santo Tomas in Manila , established in 1611, are the oldest universities in Asia , and are even older than Harvard. But the standard of Pinoy education has deteriorated so much that the Philippines ranks among the poorest in the educational hierarchy of Asia . Education,
education, education-that' s what you need in this age of information, information, information.

If all your social, religious and political sectors don't sit down now and decide to take the Right Way , the Philippines and your children's children will be grand losers in the worldwide rush to the future.
Education is one sure way to salvation. Teach what is right, good, beautiful and beneficial. Downplay all negativity if you cannot eliminate it altogether.

The Ideal President

I've got news for you. (As if you didn't already know.) No matter whom you put up there as your leader or president, it will be the same banana. Even a holy man can turn into another J.E. (Judas Escariot) for a few pieces of silver. Kumpares, alalays, relatives and cronies will encrust like flies and maggots on his cordon sanitaire. And it will be the same despicable 'Sa amin na 'to!' hullabaloo all over again.

Take an advice from Aling Epang: 'Pumili ng matanda, mayaman, mabait, at madaling mamatay.' Get a president who is old - so that he is full of wisdom, rich - so he won't need to steal more money, goodhearted - so he will render heartfelt service to his people, and is in the sunset of his life - so that he will think of nothing but gaining good points to present when he meets his Creator. And may I add: At iisa lang ang pamilya! This is, of course, asking for the moon. Just pray fervently for an intelligent leader with a pure heart who genuinely loves the common tao!

Magpakatotoo Kayo! Wake up and look at the real you. Enough with looking at your reflection in glorious, self-embellishing mirrors. The tropical sun can play tricks, you know. Do not wait for darkness to fall before you take that much-needed long, hard look at your real situation.

Magpakatotoo kayo, ano? This isn't a wake-up call - it is the final alarm!
Save the ship while you still can. Don't wait till your people have no more dreams left to hang on to, no more hope to sustain their broken spirits. I came home, spent my penny-pinched savings so that even in the minutest way I could help your bruised economy. Your politicians sit on their fat,farting butts and get balatos (kuno!) in the millions. Receivers are as guilty as the givers. Now, tell me, who is really

I Have Made My Decision; So Should You.

My Zen master says, 'Life is all about decisions, not choices.' I have made a decision which I know will be very hard for me to keep- You will never hear from me again (not in this vein) and I will not even think of visiting or buwisiting your Manila ever. This is my way of letting you know that I have given up on you. Bahala na kayo! Only you can help yourselves because at the stage you are in,
nobody would want to help you. My Zen master says, 'You have to fall to learn to rise again.'
How much lower do you want to go?

Anyway, regarding the Philippines as a tourist destination, you have a lot of cleaning up and face-lifting to do before foreigners would dare go to your islands again. The Abu Sayyaf episode has done your tourism industry more damage than you could ever imagine, and it will take a long time before the world forgets. (By the way, your tourism projects are lusterless and have no global impact. If you want real business, spruce up your infrastructure and do aggressive marketing on the World Wide Web!)

Of course, I would gladly reverse my decision if someone offered me exclusive lordship over lotto, bingo, jueteng, pintakasi and the jai alai.Think about it: this will be to your advantage because I never
give tong or blood commission to anyone! (If only your president used the millions he received from those gambling lords to build homes for the masses, you wouldn't have any more squatters. Huling hirit: defrost those Marcos billions, pay off some debt, place the rest in high-yield investments, feed your hungry, and spread bounty and joy to every Filipino! Are you stupid or what? - That's your money sucked from the blood of your people!)

I have made my decision, now make yours. I would hate for the day to come when I'd have to say, 'I told you so!' Good luck! (You need it.)

An ex-Filipino,
J. Anastasio

P. S. My Zen master says, 'Vox populi is not always the voice of God.'

P. P. S. Come over to L.A and I'll show you a great time!

P. P. P. S. Our friend Randy says hello! We will be going to Vancouver
to feast our eyes on the colors of autumn. Wish you could join us.

P. P. P. P. S. The new Miss America , Angela Perez Baraquio, is of Filipino ancestry. Dero,
her parents hail from Pangasinan just like you! But keep in mind that she is an American (in case some wise fools over there claim her to be Filipino like they always do whenever someone
becomes successful). Wait for the girl to say it- don't put words in her mouth!

P. P. P. P. P. S. Mabuhay kayo ( SANA )!

P. P. P. P. P. P. S. Sa totoo lang, MAGDUSA KAYONG LAHAT! (Don't you just love my Waray-Kano accent?) He-he-he!

- Same

My Short Reply :

Dear Nasty,

Thanks for your e-mail. I swear you sort of stole the words from right
under my tongue. Now, I am utterly speechless.
Send my regards to Randy. Wishing you the best!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grow Your Business

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Sleepy Head

Last night I was so sleepy that I can't help it but drink coffee. Why? Because I have tons do to online. And you know I don't usually drink coffee coz it makes me awake all night. But I did, so as expected I am up till past 5 in the morning. Then woke up at 8:30 to see if there is some work. Now, I feel like I wanna go back to bed, but kiddo is up so there’s no chance. Hopefully later on I could squeeze in a nap.

Gold Into Cash !

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Did She Do Enough?

Did she do enough to unite the Democratic Party? This has been the question you'd hear being asked on the news. I'm talking about Sen. Hilary Clinton and her speech at the Democratic National Convention. If you ask me, I really am not sure if what she said in that speech is enough to convince her followers to vote for Sen. Obama. Click here to watch Sen. Clinton's speech.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I had an email exchange with one of my cousins a few days back and he’s raving about his new car. He bought a 2-door Volkswagen GTi. He’s a car enthusiast and an aspiring racecar drive. He’s happy but still want more for his car. He’s planning to get his car a vw turbo. He said, it would make his car faster, and exclaimed, the faster the better. I know that he’s got a lot of ideas on where to get the turbocharger that he needs, however, I still made a quick suggestion. I told him to check out as he might be able to get what he wants for a much more affordable price. He hasn’t replied, but I’m sure he’d listen to me, as I am much older than him. :)

Waiting For Her Speech

Last night I told you guys that we watched Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention. Right now, we are waiting for Hilary Clinton's speech and see if her speech can unite the Democratic Party. Will post about it later on. :)

Web Design Service

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4th Judge On American Idol ?!

I am not sure which showbiz news I heard it from that there's gonna be a 4th American Idol judge, and just moments ago, I saw it on Yahoo's featured news. The said judge is gonna be Kara DioGuardi. Never heard of her, but they said she's a Grammy-nominated song writer. Her songs have been recorded by Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood and Pink, among others. Not sure if I like to see a 4th Judge, I guess judge would be ok but hey! Let's see how appealing she is. :) Click here to read more about it.

Web Hosting Rating

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Michelle: Future First Lady ?

Last night, we watched Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Hubby and I agreed that she gave an extremely good speech. She mentioned in her speech how she and Barack met. It was so down to earth. It’s not a typical political speech. It felt like you are listening to a friend talking about her love story and family life. After her speech, there’s also an unscripted moment. They showed Sen. Obama via satellite thanking the people, praising his wife and his kids kept snatching the moment, asking what city he’s in and saying I love you Daddy. Looks like a typical American family.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Millions of Americans today would hit the internet if they want to look for a certain product, information or for just about anything. For example, when if you want to look for Charlotte realtor, the first thing a person would do is browse on the world wide web. It is frustrating at times because you really can’t decided which way to go as you will get loads of results. But of course there are always an easy way. Like I said, if you want to look for a realtor in Charlotte, just visit and they will provide you with lists of certified experts. Clicksmart is a directory site that helps connect consumers to small businesses. They will take away the guesswork of choosing the right professionals for you. Check it out. I tried using it already myself.

Cut Finger

The other day my son rushed to me coz I shouted as if I got hit by something. He asked me in his hyper voice, "mommy, what happened?!!" I said, I cut my finger... and he looked at my bleeding finger and exclaimed... "mommy, you hurt!" I said yes... He kept asking, what happened, so I showed him the knife and how I cut my finger. I took that incident as a chance of giving him a quick lesson about knives. Told him that he shouldn't play with it as it is not safe for little kids. Even mommies and daddys can still hurt themselves with it. By the way, I cut my finger while trying to chop some onions for my Chicken with Broccoli dinner. It's been two days but kuletz still keep looking at my cut finger. Trying to see if it's still bleeding. :)

Lawn Signs

You won’t believe how a lot of people are selling their houses nowadays. Just here in our block, you will see a bunch of “for sale” signs. I have been seeing those signs for quite a while. I bet selling a house in this ruined economy is rather hard. A seller (whether the owner or through a realtor) should do everything just for their house to stand out amongst other houses in the market. Aside from of course, making your house look nice, you should also make your lawn signs eye-catching. Little things like that would help in attracting buyers. Why? Because sometimes buyers just don’t look at the newspapers or online, they like to drive around in their area too. So a noticeable lawn signs are important for a seller.

Talk about signs, Vista Print offers an affordable yet high quality custom printing and graphic designs for just about anything. Holiday cards, thank you notes, business cards, car door magnets, rubber stamps and certainly yard signs. You can choose from their 300 designs or customize your own. I just checked the website and they have a lot of specials. Since I was talking about lawn signs, I looked if they have discounts and found a 25% Off Yard Signs (coupon code: YardsSigns25). There it is friends, I hope this entry helps someone that’s looking for good deals in custom printings.


It is unbelievable how often I wash clothes in this house. Most of it is my little kuletz' clothes. Why? Coz he changes shirt for like 5 times a day. He'd get a new shirt if the one he's wearing got wet even if its just a drop of water. Sometimes I have to spank his little butt just to stop him from doing it. He's so finicky. Guess where he got that from... ehehehe don't look at me coz that's not from me ;) Oh well, I gotta go for right now and start putting this clothes in the washer.

Men's Watches

The other night I was trying to find my collection of currencies and going through heaps of boxes in the attic. I couldn’t find it, instead I found some nice mens watches. I thought those were my husband’s so I gave it to him. He said that wasn’t his, it was actually his father’s (who passed away a few years back). He just kept it as a remembrance. He even showed me the one that his dad got when he retired from the police force. They gave him a nice silver watch with his name engraved at the back of it. It looks really fine and if you will not really take a hard look at it you will think that it is one of the luxury watches that you can buy from those high-end stores in Rodeo Drive or 5th Avenue.

Speaking of luxury watches, there’s a website I found called that offers genuine brand name watches and their collections are remarkable. Gold & diamond watches, brand names for men and women like Bulova, Bvlgari, Movado, Cartier, Gucci and for you collectors out there, they have Harry Winston too. Not only they have these collections of 100% authentic watches, the more exciting about it is that you can get them in a very substantial prices. Their summer sale is ending, so hurry up and check ‘em out!

This is the one that I particularly like :) cute isn't it?


Yesterday was a great day for me. My MIL called me and asked me if I wanted to go out with her and her grand daughter, who's visiting from New York. I said of course! I haven’t seen my hubby’s niece in a while so it would be nice to catch up with her. So they picked me up, ate at Leona’s, one of our favorite places to eat. Their foods are great! It’s like home cooking. I ordered half slab of ribs with broccoli olio and onion rings (yeah I know my side orders are weird eheeheh). After eating, we decided to go to the casino in Hammond, Indiana. We went to Ameristar. We don’t really gamble; we just want to have a little fun. We played one of their 1-cent slots. I won 5 dollars! My MIL won 10. Not bad huh. After that we decided to go home cause we wanted to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics. That’s about it… when I got in the house… that’s another story, will tell you about it later. :-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Know Your IQ... BillsIQ That Is

With our economy right now, it is scary to think how we are going to survive. One moment you have your job and the next you just lost it. We really never know what lies ahead. This just means that we need to at least be prepared. Making the right choices in whatever we do is very critical especially in the financial aspects of our lives. It is not going to hurt us to be more knowledgeable and aware on how we can improve our finances. I am thankful that one of my friends told me about the Bills IQ quiz, I took it and to my surprised I scored 82%. I guess that’s the result of me being so cautious to not be in the rut again. Yes, I have been through a terrible financial mess a few years back, not because I made bad choices but because of someone got sick in my family.

Anyways, speaking of BillsIQ, the website is absolutely overflowing with information. You will learn everything from Debt consolidation tips and resources. And if you browse even more, bankruptcy, Debt help and Debt relief information are also available on their website. As they say, knowledge is wealth. Everything you will learn from their website is going to prepare you if something unexpected happens financially wise. So check it out, take the quiz and see how financially fit you are.

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Hit The Lottery Twice!

I was reading some of the news on Yahoo and my eyes captured the words "lottery-twice" so I read it. A couple from Madison, Wisconsin have claimed $350,000 jackpots TWICE! The woman and her accountant husband says that they developed a formula for lottery picks... Pretty interesting huh? :) I would love to know that :) Anyways, to read the full story Click here.

Dymo Label Maker

If you know my husband, you’d say that he’s the most organized person you’ve ever met. You will know just by looking in his home office. Everything is labeled and in order. Me on the other hand, is not as organized as him. Each time he’d look on my desk he would just shake his head cause papers are all over the place. It’s not that I am disorganized; sometimes I am just too lazy to put it away.

He thought a Dymo label maker would inspire me to organize my stuff. Honestly, I was thinking of getting one too because not only I needed to use it for my File folders of different bills and other important documents but my son will be in school soon and I can use it to label his homework, his toys that he takes to school during their show-and-tell day, his projects and most specially his artworks. He loves to draw so everyday there’s something new. I could also use it to label my hubby’s lunch which I prepare every night. That way, he will not forget it cause his name is gonna be on it all the time. Great for students; they can label every thing from their pens, notebooks, books and other school stuff. Crafters would surely love to have one too. Dymo label maker’s use is definitely endless.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Greetings From Around The World

Another tag from Miss Jhona. Thanks for always thinking of me when you have a tag :) I truly appreciate it :)

::: Start Copy Here :::

Memes are a great way to link everyone together. In Cyberspace, many people use English as the Universal Language and say Hi, Hello and more. Have you tried learning other languages of the same meaning?

Let’s get to know each other by placing a welcome/hello greeting in your language and spread it over all bloggers in cyberspace.


1. Copy the text from Start Copy Here
2. Post it in your blog. Make sure you copy it in compose mode (blogger) or visual mode for the others. This will enable you to copy all your friend’s link as well. Have fun doing it.
3. In the next number, add your blog url and link it
4. Add the greetings that you use frequently or one that is in your traditional language. myspace graphic comments

1. All About Kawaii says Konichiwa

2. MommyAllehs Up-Close And Personal says Mabuhay! Hello! Hi!

3. Insights from the Grocery Cart says Mabuhay! Haler! Kamusta?

4. Eds Mommy Life says Mabuhay! Kumusta! Hi! Hellow po! Haler!
5. Jhona My Wonderful life says Hi! Hello! Kumusta?

6. Roselle's Sweet Escape says Hello! Hi! Hiya! (USA) Kumusta (filipino)
also... Hola! (spanish) Ni Hao? (Chinese mandarin)

I am not sure who I want to tag, but I guess no need to name names, so I will just tag all of you :) TC!

New Jersey Vacation

Last month, my brother-in-law and his family was here, they visited us and celebrated his wife’s birthday in downtown Chicago. Before they left they are encouraging us to visit them in Pennsylvania again. The last time we were in Pennsylvania was probably 3 years ago. I had a blast that time, cause not only we visited nice places in PA, but they also took us to New Jersey. It’s a few hours away from their house, but it was all worth it. We had a mini family beach vacation.

Last night they called us again, and asked if we are coming. They want us to be there as soon as possible so we can avail of the Morey’s Piers weekly specials. That could be a good thing; we will have fun and save some money. Also, one of the brilliant things about going to New Jersey is that, I will be able to see my high school classmate. She lives not so far from Morey’s Piers so I guess, that would be a good time for us to get together. She said, all I have to do is come and she’ll make all the arrangements, as she is familiar with all the Wildwood NJ attractions, hotels and motels. Well, if that is the case, all I needed to do is to convince hubby to take some time off from work so we can go.

Obama's Running Mate

I got my voter’s identification card in the mail last May, and I am happy cause I will be able to vote this presidential election. I am still not sure who I am gonna vote for. I am leaning a little bit towards Barack Obama. Wanted to see what the guy could do to improve the status of this country. Last night I saw on the news that he chose a running mate already. However, I am not familiar with the guy. It is Senator Biden of Delaware. I guess we will be seeing more of him in the news.

Web Hosting

I have been blogging for quite a while now and still loving it. My husband just created his first blog and since he thought I am more of an “experienced” blogger than he is, he’s asking me everything about it. He’d call me in his office just in case he needs help in editing his template and things like that. Recently, he asked me if I could give him a website that offers cheap web hosting plan. He wanted to convert his account into his own domain. Instead of giving tons of websites to go through, I gave him the site called I told him that it would save him a lot of time cause not only they provide you the top 10 best web hosting providers, the site also educates people about finding the most excellent and reliable web hosting service. You might wanna visit them too as getting your own domain from a professional web hosting service is more beneficial to bloggers like us.

Bonding Moment

I have been meaning to post these photos, but never get the chance. This was taken two weeks ago by the lake (downtown Chicago). Bonding moment of me, hubby and kuletz...

Supercharge It!

Time to share another great website. This one is actually from my hubby who knows a lot more about cars than I do. This is useful to those people who want to spruce up or shall I say supercharge their vehicles. The site that I am talking about is They offer an excellent customer service and a very competitive if not the best price in the market. They have everything from Pontiac, Mercedes or buick supercharger. What is a supercharger? I am not an expert but I think it is something that pushes air into the engine of your vehicle at a constant speed. Car enthusiasts surely know that. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hairspray (2007)

I have seen this movie on HBO for at least a hundred times hubby just shakes his head every time he sees me watching it. I'm telling you, this will make you sing, dance or sing and dance :) Even my little boy has a favorite part and dances with me too. Some find it cheesey but some says it's like a "feel good movie". To me it is a "feel good movie". This is better than the 1988 version (starring Ricki Lake). That one is kinda boring. The actor that portrayed Edna Turnblad is so drag looking. John Travolta (yes he played Edna) however, is way better even if it's all prostethics. Nicki and Zac looks nice together :) James Marsden (one of my bfs ehhehe) is so cute!!! I like this movie because of all the songs...

This is my most favorite part:

Here's the lyrics too, coz I am sure you would want to sing-a-long :)

You Can't Stop The Beat

You cant stop an avalanche
As it races down the hill
You can try to stop the seasons, girl
But ya know you never will
And you can try to stop my dancin' feet

But i just cannot stand still
Cause the world keeps spinnin'
Round and round
And my heart's keeping time
To the speed of sound
I was lost til i heard the drums
Then i found my way

Cause you can't stop the beat

Ever since this old world began
A woman found out if she shook it
She could shake up a man
And so i'm gonna shake and shimmy it
The best that i can today

'Cause you cant stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the sun in the sky
You can wonder if you wanna
But i never ask why

And if you try to hold me down
I'm gonna spit in your eye and say
That you cant stop the beat!

You can't stop a river
As it rushes to the sea

You can try and stop the hands of time
But ya know it just can't be

And if they try to stop us, Seaweed,
I'll call the N Double A C P
Cause the world keeps spinning
Round and 'round
And my heart's keeping time
To the speed of sound
I was lost til i heard the drums
Then i found my way

Cause you can't stop the beat

Ever since we first saw the light
A man and woman liked to shake it
On a saturday night
And so i'm gonna shake and shimmy it
With all my might today

'Cause you cant stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the rain from above
You can try to stop the paradise
We're dreamin' of
But you cannot stop the rhythm
Of two hearts in love to stay
Cause you cant stop the beat!

You cant stop my happiness
Cause i like the way i am
And you just can't stop my knife and fork
When i see a christmas ham
so if you don't like the way i look
Well, i |ust don't give a damn!

Cause the world keeps spinning
Round and 'round
And my heart's keeping time
To the speed of sound
I was lost til i heard the drums
Then i found my way

'Cause you cant stop the beat

Ever since this old world began
A woman found out if she shook it
She could shake up a man
And so i'm gonna shake and shimmy it
The best that i can today

Cause you cant stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the sun in the sky
You can wonder if you wanna
But i never ask why
And if you try to hold me down
I'm gonna spit in your eye and say
That you cant stop the beat!

Oh oh oh
You can't stop today
As it comes speeding down the track
Child, yesterday is hist'ry
And it's never coming back

'Cause tomorrow is a brand new day

And it don't know white from black


'Cause the world keeps spinning
'Round and 'round
And my heart's keeping time
To the speed of sound
I was lost til i heard the drums
Then i found my way
'Cause you cant stop the beat

Ever since we first saw the light
A man and woman liked to shake it
On a saturday night
And so i'm gonna shake and shimmy it
With all my might today
'Cause you can't stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the rain from above
They can try to stop ths paradise
We're dreaming of
But you cannot stop the rhythm
Of two hearts in love to stay
You can't stop the beat!

Aah, aah, aah
Aah, aah, aah
Aah, aah, aah

Ever since we first saw the sun
A man and woman like to shake it when the day is done
But we're gonna shake and shimmy it
And have some fun
For today!

Cause you can't stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the rain from above
You can try to stop the paradise
We're dreaming of
But you cannot stop the rhythm
Of two hearts in love to stay
'Cause you can't stop the beat!
You can't stop the beat!!
You can't stop the beat!!
You can't stop the beat!!
You can't stop the beat!!

Trusted Tours And Attractions

Fall is almost here, have you had your vacation yet? If not, it isn’t too late to plan one. And as much as possible, check out Trusted Tours & Attractions, one of the best online travel guides, as they can help you plan your trip. You don’t want your vacation to be a mess, just like we had when we had our first trip to Los Angeles. It was disastrous that I don’t want it to happen again.

We all know how big Los Angeles is. As soon as we landed LAX, hard luck hit us. It was summer then, however, it was raining so hard. My cousin is supposed to pick us up but we couldn’t find him anywhere in the airport. We can’t call him cause hubby forgot his cellular phone at home (great!) and I don’t have my cousin’s number with me. We ended up taking a cab and checked-in in a hotel, which took us a while because most of the hotels are fully booked. We are meant to stay in L.A. for at least five days, however, hubby’s work called and we have to cut it short. So instead of walking to Hollywood Blvd or window-shopped at Rodeo Drive, probably went to the Universal Studios, we ended up calling the airlines to confirm our flight going back home. I kept nagging my husband about it (but I forgave him already, every time we talk about it, we’d just laugh it off); he planned that vacation and we did not enjoy it a bit. The only good thing that happened then was, I got the chance to meet my cousin. Yeah, believe it or not we were able to track him down through phone directory, its not easy cause his name is very common.

Anyways, if you want to acquire vacations and tour packages (e.g. Las Vegas or Orlando tours) call a professional like Trusted Tours and Attractions. I am sure they can hook you up with good deals, a Kennedy space center discount perhaps, that is if you decided to go to Florida. Also, Signing-up for their Trusted Travels eNewsletter will give you a chance to win a $150 Magellan’s Gift Certificate, which by the way, ends on August 31st, 2008. So better hurry up!

Age Issue

He K*xin's age, a Chinese gymnasts, who won two gold medals has been very controversial in the Olympics. They are questioning her age. Some computer security expert has said to be found an official Chinese document that reveals the girl's real age, which is 14 years old (16 years old is the minimum age to be qualified). There's an ongoing investigation right now. So we will see if her gold medals will be stripped off of her neck. Click here to read full story.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Power Steering

Since I am new to driving, my curious mind is kind of messing with me. I kept asking myself, how in the world that this car can turn left or right or move back or forward. So I asked my husband. He said there’s a lot to it to make a car steering system works. Since I have no idea what he’s talking about, he went online and showed me some pictures of steering rack, steering pump, power box etc. He even explained to me that power steering is important cause this supports the driver when exerting force on the steering wheel, which happens commonly when starting a turn. I asked him if you can change a steering rack yourself, he said yes, but added that it can be challenging, however, you can save hundreds of dollars specially if you will buy parts from websites like So if you guys are in need of a new power steering racks and up for a challenge, visit the website now!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BigFoot: Big Hoax !

I don't know guys if you have seen this on the news... But it was just confirmed that this thing is a hoax! I knew it was when they first show this on t.v... Just waited for the confirmation hehehehe What a waste of time! Trying to divert our attention from the country's big and more important issues.

Zenni Optical On Fox News!

Newsflash! Newsflash! Zenni Optical was on FOX news! They are online optical store that offers affordable and high quality prescription eyeglasses. Half rim frames, full rim frames, stainless steel, they have it all! So if you want to save, Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses is the way to go. Don’t pay $300, $200 or even $100 coz Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni are definitely comparable to those high end ones. You can even save on gas because you can order it from online. You can’t get any convenient than that.

Michael Phelps On The Cover

When I first saw this cover on Inside Edition, my mind immediately thought that I am gonna post an entry about it. So here it is, Michael showing-off his 8 gold medals. Incidentally, this pose was somewhat copied from Mike Spitz's when he won 7 gold medals in the 1972 Olympics. Somehow it's like a nice tribute to him. :)

Mark Spitz posing with his seven gold medals Photo by: Terry O'Neill / Getty

Note: Photos are from

Monday, August 18, 2008

Custom Labels

As consumers, the first thing that catches our attention when we buy certain products is their label. So if you are a business owner, make sure that your label is catchy enough to drive attention to it. However, if you think your product label needs tweaking, Label World USA can help you with that. They specialize on large orders and they provide their customers high quality custom labels, which will eventually give your product to quickly capture new market opportunities. Wine Labels, nutritional labels, it doesn’t matter, cause Label World USA can do it for you.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Michael Phelps Made History !!! (Eight For Eight)

Michael Phelps, an american swimmer, went to the Beijing Olympics with one goal in mind; to win 8 gold medals in a single Games. Tonight, he just made history! He was able to accomplish his mission. He surpasses Mark Spitz, also an American swimmer (retired) who is best known for winning 7 gold medals in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

showing off his 8th gold

Berens, Lochte, Phelps; winning his 5th gold (abs! abs! and more abs!) :D

I was watching Michael as if I am his mother. Cheered and held my breath till I saw the result on the t.v. screen. Wew! I got to hand it to his three teammates too; coz Michael’s last swim is the medley relay. It was an amazing race. Eight for Eight! Yey! Lucky number eh ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Finally Went!

My friend Sharon from Rockford has invited me to a lot of events but unfortunately, I never get the chance to go to any of it until Sunday. I finally went! It is supposed to be a kite festival in Chicago Botanic Garden, however, we came kinda late so the festival is almost over. The only good thing is that I met some of Shawie's friends in Rockford and I get to see her again (last time we saw each other was December 2007). Here are some of our photos:

Shawie and myself with our kuletz (rose garden)

The gang (under the apple tree)

Shawie and yours truly (enabling garden)

english garden

japanese garden

We arrived in the garden at past 3 p.m. and went home around 6:30 p.m. On our way home, hubby was giving me tips in safe driving and stuff...we are in the expressway by the that time he said something about yielding for cars that's getting on the expressway...I said, I don't have problems yielding for cars getting on the expressway, my problem is that I'm scared to GET ON the expressway coz I feel like the cars, trucks and other vehicles are so freaking fast that I feel like they're gonna hit me or something...After making that comment, we stopped at the rest area, got some burger for Kuletz... when we're getting ready to leave, he asked me to get into the driver's seat! Oh geez! My heart was beating so fast that I feel like I'm gonna faint. Why? Coz I knew he's gonna let me drive on the freaking expressway! Men! I told myself, I shouldn't have made that comment!

So I drove...halfway, I was doing pretty well, however, I took the wrong exit!!! That's when I started panicking and messed up my driving... To make it short, I messed up in exiting but finally got back on track, I did make mistakes here and there (so I got some good screaming from hubby eehehehe).. some are bigtime mistakes that he said he would have flunked me if it was a test... But hey! That was a good practice :) We made it home safely around 9:45pm :D.... If you would like to know how far Chicago Botanic Garden is from our house, it's only an hour and two minutes drive :D

Saturday, August 9, 2008

8.8.08 Olympics

I watched the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and it was unbelievably awesome! The Chinese did a wonderful job on every production. It was well thought of. Wish I was there to witness it personally. It was truly breathtaking. I wonder how London (2012) can surpass that nor the next host in 2016 (hopefully Chicago...yey!).

Anyways, I watched the entire ceremony from 7 pm (CST) to 11 pm, just to see who's the flag bearer of the Philippines. It was Manny Pacquiao, they said not because he's in the olympic team, but because he's one of the most popular athlete in the country.

I am gonna be monitoring all the events in the olympics, specially the swimming event. I would like to see how Dara Torres would do this time. She is a 5th time olympian who has won 8 olympic golds and the most amazing thing is that she's 40 years old. Oh actually she's already 41 :) Can you believe that!? She's awesome! Also, I am looking forward to see Michael Phelps (gorgeous!) in the swimming category. He won 8 medals in the Athens Olympics last 2004, 6 of which were gold.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lost & Found !

I was upset for almost two days. The other day I gave my son a shower and when I was ready to put on his clothes, I noticed that my wedding rings (2 of 'em) and wedding anniversary band was not on my fingers. I panicked coz I rarely take those rings off of my fingers. I looked everywhere (even in our trash dumpster in the backyard) but to my dismay, I couldn't find it. I asked my hubby if he saw it, he said no...I looked and looked but it's nowhere to be found.

I have no recollection whatsoever on when I took it off or where I put it. As in nothing! I can't remember anything. All I know is that on the 30th of July (the day we went to the zoo, its's still on my ring finger coz I checked some of the pictures). So it went missing just this August. I was so upset! Not only because of how much it cost, but most of all, the sentimental value of it. It's been with me for 8 long years. It's something I can pass on to my son (for him to give to his future wife) naks! :)

Anyways, to make my story a bit longer :), late this evening, I asked my son to pick up all his toys, books, dvds and put it in his toy box... he did, and after a while I noticed that there's a gold thing on the carpet... so I checked it out and I was so ecstatic coz it's my anniversary band!!! I checked again and found my two other rings!!! yey!!! I guess my son found it when I took it off, played with it and put it in one of his dvd cases... Thank God! I thought I accidentally threw it in the garbage. :) Wew!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Believe It Or Not!

I was just got to checking this blog's archive and I can't believe my eyes that today, August 5th, is the date of my very first post here. It was just in 2007... My! My! My! has it been a year already? That quick? Hmmm... interesting... I checked my other blog too and the very first post was on June 6th of 2007... Yeah I guess it has been a year... I have been blogging for over a year now.. Wow! How time really flies when you are having fun :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Few Pics

Just wanted to share with you some of the pictures that kuletz took while we were on our way to the Lincoln Park Zoo here in Chicago (last Wednesday). He loves buildings and water so when we passed by it, he took some snapshots.

Downtown Chicago

Lake Michigan (he's aiming for the boats, but they are hid behind those trees)

Auto Loans, Pay Day Loans, Etc.

Now that I have my driver’s license, all I needed is a car to drive. Since I am just an independent contractor working at home, I am not sure if there’s a company out there who will actually give me an Auto Loan. Hubby said that since I have a good credit standing, he’s certain that I won’t have a hard time getting one.

He suggested Complete Loan Source. They not only offer auto loans, but also Pay Day Loans, personal loans or even bad credit loans and debt consolidation as well. Their loan programs are available nationwide regardless of your credit circumstances. You can apply using their online application form and get approved in minutes. No hassle and fast service? Now that’s convenient!

Another Tag

I am pretty much in a good mood to do these tags :) I actually missed doing it. Anyways, here's another one from C.A. "tque" and Jhona. So sweet of them to tag me with this. C.A. and Jhona thanks much!

Now, I am tagging Aling Tikya, Red, Juliana and all you my dear friends... Just grab it when you get the chance :)