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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Oh my sweet Kingston! He’s so cute in his white tux during the spring show. I wish I had my camera with me and took a picture of him. He is one of my favorite babies in the daycare. He’s a very light skinned boy. He used to be one of our babies in the infant room, but he turned one year old already so he has to move to Room 2. He is so cute! He’s just growing so fast. When I first got at the daycare, he was just a quiet little baby. Now he’s walking, running around, screaming, touching everything. Soon, he’ll be two and have to move to Room 3. :(

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Spring Show

Most of our kids’ parents are waiting for this day. Today is The Spring Show! I can’t wait to see our cute little buggers in their white outfits. I bet they are going to be wonderful. They have been practicing their presentations for months now. One class will be interpreting a Snow White song, the others, one of the songs in the Little Mermaid and more. Sadly, I will not be able to watch them perform coz I am assigned in the baby room (from 6 weeks to 1 year old). Okay gotta go! Don't wanna be late for work :) Later all!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

CPR/First Aid Training

Today, I attended my first CPR/First Aid Class. At first I really don't wanna go but unfortunately, we needed it at work, so I have to. I didn't know what to expect coz for me, 8 hours just sitting in a class is kind of boring. But I was totally wrong! The trainer was absolutely wonderful (He's in his sixties). He was funny and really know what he's talking about. There was no dull and boring moment. He made sure that all of us participated in his class. Funny coz he called me his newbie lol! I was one of the 2 participants who never had a CPR training in the past. Most of our classmates were just attending as a refresher course (or just like me at first, had no choice coz it was a requirement in the job) I like his assistant too, a sweet lady, whom after the training told me that she likes pancit ehehehehe. Yeah, the trainer and the assistant asked me if I'm a filipino :) The trainer told me that he used to be married to a filipina and he likes sinigang and pancit too but hated adobo (told him his missing out lol) :)

Thank God that it wasn't a boring class at all! And I'm also thankful for my co-worker who registered me in that class :) Yay! One down, one to go!