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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Field Trip

My son is enrolled in our daycare’s summer camp. Usually, their field trip is Friday, but this week it’s Thursday, so tomorrow I have to drop him off at my friend’s house. His daddy didn’t want him to go to the field trip unless I’d go with him, which is a bit impossible at this point coz I can’t take the day off from work. There is a policy at the daycare that if your child can’t join in the field trip, they can’t stay at the daycare coz no one’s going to watch them, which I think is a bit sad. :) Every week they have a field trip, which is somewhat costly for parents like me.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Break Problem

On my way to the Prairie State College to attend special care training, I thought my car’s tire needed some air. When I got to the house, I told him about it. He didn’t get the chance to check it. So I told him again last Monday and he finally checked it out. Unfortunately, he told me that it isn’t air that it needed. It needed new break pads. I thought he could fix it right away. However, he’s already tired from working. So when he gets to the house all he wants to do is to relax a bit and just go to sleep. Since then I am taking a taxicab, which I think is just too expensive ($20/day or a bit more, back and forth). Ouch! And please, don’t ask me why he don’t want it to take it to the shop… he has good reasons. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

No Choice

Darn! I’m a little tired and I don’t feel like getting up early tomorrow. It’s Saturday, I know, but I have to attend a one-day Special Care Training. So I have no choice. I needed to complete a mandatory 15-hour in-service or continuing education. I already have 9 hours so I need 6 more. Tomorrow is going to be a 7 hour class, which means, I will exceed the mandatory 15. Well, I guess it’s okay. But really!!! I don’t wanna wake up early in the morning!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big 37

One year added to my age. Yes folks! Not ashamed of my age. Today, which is almost over, I turned 37 years old. I am supposed to be off from work but I decided to come in anyway and file my birthday off on June 18th. Nothing fancy happened. My co-workers gave me two birthday cards signed by everybody. Hubby and son gave me two beautiful birthday cards as well and my fave cheesecake. Then I’m off to bed lol! Don’t blame me I’m truly, truly tired ehehehehe

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kuletz Graduation

How time really flies. My Kuletz has just graduated from Kindergarten. Sorry for the pictures. This is one of those days that he didn't want his pics taken, hence, the fake smiles. All he wanted to do is to go home, change his clothes and go to McDonald's. Unbelievable!

not the cutest photo ever