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Monday, August 27, 2007

Favorites etc...

As always, grabbed this from Miss Tess. Thank you again!!!

What is your favorite..

gum: Extra (watermelon flavor)

restaurant: Bennigan's

drink: Sprite

season: spring

emotion: huh? i'm emotional :D

thing to do on a half day: it depends.. either i'm sleeping or online ;)

late-night activity: keying, blogging, playing... atbp.

sport: bowling

city: Chicago :)

store: Walmart

When was the last time you..

cried: can't remember

played a sport: yeah, bowling :D

laughed: a few minutes ago

hugged someone: a few minutes ago too

kissed someone: a few minutes ago pa din :D

felt depressed: i can't say when

felt elated: can't remember

felt overworked: 6 years ago, back home :)

faked sick: once or twice (that was when I was still in grade school eheheh)

lied: hmmmmm.. geez can't remember

What was the last..

word you said: nite honey, love you!

thing you ate: caramel soft candy

song you listened to: unwritten

thing you drank: water

place you went to: So. Cottage Grove

movie you saw: Erin Brokovich

movie you rented: Madagascar

concert you attended: Gary V. (nineteen forgotten)

Who was the last person you..

hugged: my husbandry

cried over: no one

kissed: husbandry :D

danced with: my son :)

shared a secret with: my husband/bestfriend

had a sleepover with: Cheryl's house (a few years back ehhehehe)


went to a movie with: friends

saw: my kiddo

were angry with: no one

couldn't take your eyes off of: monitor

obsessed over: making money online hahahaha!

Have you ever..

danced in the rain: yeah when i was a little kid

kissed someone: yeah

done drugs: never and never will

drank alcohol: i tried (twice already ehehehe didn't do anything good to me)

slept around: duh?! nope!

partied 'til the sun came up: positive!

had a movie marathon: nahhhh

done too far on a dare: no

spun until you were immensely dizzy: yeah...playing with my little one

taken a survey quite like this before: oh yeah! :)

Thanks for reading folks! If you aren't too busy and wants to do something, feel free to grab this. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lip Gloss

I'm not really into make up but I use lipgloss and lipstick regularly. Sometimes I hate it when I but them and then would find out that I didn't like the color (eventhough I tried it in the store) Anyways, I will keep in mind that mauve should be the perfect color for me :D Will see.

You Should Wear Mauve Lip Gloss

Smart, polished, and pretty.

6 Weird Things

I'd like to thank Aling Tikya for this, I don't think she knew that I just grab this from her blog :D
TY!! TY!


Write 6 weird things about you and post it in your blog. Make sure to state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Let them know that were tagged by leaving a comment in their blogs.

OK, here is my list from weirdest to least:

Most things that I'd state here is probably not that weird to my kababayans. But it sure weird to my husband :D

1. The weirdest thing about me I guess is my habit of picking my navel (it used to be biting my fingernails :D) I don't know why though. I do it mostly when I'm watching t.v.

2. I read tagalog pocketbooks in the bathroom (I think I got that from my uncles/aunts who likes to read newspapers in the bathroom eheehehe)

3. I like to stick my feet in the pillow case (with pillow in it ofcourse :D) then put it under the cover (blanket)

4. I eat french fries dipped in chocolate sundae (not weird for us, but hubby said that is so weird of me)

5. I use the television as my night light :D (Hubby didn't know that ehehehe)

6. I also have a habit of biting my lips till it bleeds (sounds like a vampire)

There it is folks! Its your turn now :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

Corny But Funny

Doesn't sound right isn't it? Corny but funny ehehehe, yeah that's what makes it funny the "cornyness" of it. This was share to me by Aling Juliana way back when (can't remember ehehe) Thought I'd post it here. By the way I love the song "Torn"

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I love PB&J

Yes! I love peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Let's see what they have to say about me...hmmmm.. true, i really, really have a sweet tooth!!! Perfectionist? In some situations I might have been but I am not a total perfectionist.

What Your Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich Means

Your eating style is reserved. You are a bit of a fussy eater, and you have very specific ways you like your food prepared.

You have a total sweet tooth. When you can get away with it, you like to have dessert before dinner!

Your taste in food tends to be conservative and traditional. It's likely that you prefer "All American" favorites like mac and cheese or hamburgers.

You belong to a class that's all your own. You resist rules and traditions of any sort.

You are a tough person who isn't afraid to live life fully. There isn't a lot that scares you.

Precise and controlled, you can be a bit anal retentive when it comes to how you like things. You're definitely a perfectionist.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Artist :D

My son, trying to show his artistic side :D

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Am Not Into Brands

Honestly, I am not into brands really. If I like it I buy it, it doesn't matter if its from a famous brand or not.

1) What's the brand of your wristwatch? Swatch (Don't use it naman)

2) What's the brand of your bracelet? No idea. I have gold, sterling silver, fashion bracelet

3) What's the brand of your cell phone? Samsung

4) What's the brand of your computer? I have Compaq, Gateway and HP

5) What's the brand of your bags? I have Coach and bags from Walmart :D but my fave is
the soft leather backpack that my SIL gave me.

6) What's the brand of your undies? Triumph, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom & the one that I bought in A.J. Wright (I think it's Jolie, and guess what? It's made in the Philippines ehehehe)

7) What's the brand of your flip-flops? Store brand D: I bought it in an Asian Store

8 ) What's the brand of your shoes? Natasha boots and boots from Payless and I can't remember the brand of the rest.

9) What's the brand of your wallet? Marithe' Francois Girbaud

10) What's the brand of your shirts? Kung anu-ano :)

11) What's the brand of your TV? Sony, RCA

12) What's the brand of your cars? Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Grand Caravan

13) What's the brand of your mp3 player? Creative I think

14) What's the brand of your make up? I don't use make-up but I bought those Personal Match (I think) from Avon

15) What's the brand of your shampoo and conditioner? Head and Shoulders

16) What's the brand of your jeans? Levi's, No Boundaries (From Walmart), Guess, Old Navy, Lee (that don't fit me anymore) :(

17) What's the brand of your laundry soap? All

18 ) What's the brand of your lotion? St. Ives, Store Brand and Bath and Body Works

19) What's the brand of your toothpaste? Colgate

20) What's the brand of your ballpen? Brandless, just grabbed it from the dollar store. (12 pens for a dollar? you can't beat that :D and its working fine too :D)

That's all folks! Thanks for reading.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Kind Of Gemstone

I took this test because I love gemstones, but Amber isn't one of my favorites. I am more of a blue shade gemstone like topaz & aquamarine. I like amethyst too.

Your Gemstone is Amber

Creative, happy, and logical.
You shine in any intellectual endeavor

What about you?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Decoding Your Skin Tone

How many times have you bought a foundation/make-up and then you'll just find out that it doesn't match to your skin tone? Well, I've been through that a few times. It can't really tell if my skin is more on the medium or tan side or if its in warm or cool side.. Anyways, I read an article in Cosmopolitan mag on how to decode your skin tone...

3 Ways to Tell If Your Skin Is Warm or Cool:

1. LOOK AT YOUR WRIST VEINS. If they are greenish, chances are your skin is on the yellow side. If they are bluish, your skin's more likely to be pinkish in undertone.

2. LOOK AT YOUR SKIN BY THE WINDOW. If your skin looks like it has yellow undertones, then your skin is warm-tone. If you have olive skin tones, then you're still on the warm side. If you have pink tones, your skin is cool.

3. ASK A MAKEUP PRO AT THE COUNTER. She'll be able to tell you what skin tone you have, and which base shades match your skin perfectly. Tip: Swipe foundation on your cheek first and let it sit on skin for a while before buying.

This would sure help us next time we buy our make-ups :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Another Blog??? ME???

Ok, what's wrong with me? I created another blog as if I will be able to maintain it. Whew! What's gotten into me? I hope I can keep this one up as I am already having a hard time keeping my first blog :) But who knows. I have plenty of time anyway.. yeah plenty.. as if! ehehehe Well, will see how this one goes.

By the way, to all of my blogmates, please allow me to add your links to this one. Please, please, I'm begging you :D

Take Care all! Thanks for dropping by.