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Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Meeting (Part Two)

Though they had their "light dinner" at the yacht, both said that they're still hungry, so KHJ suggested that HB relaxes for 20-30 minutes while he prepare BBQ dinner for her and that he will just call her when it's ready...HB asked KHJ what does he wants for her to wear... KHJ said, something elegant...20-30 minutes later, he called HB and told her dinner is ready... she came out with an elegant flashy dress... KHJ felt like he's her "servant" (lol)... he told HB that he was only joking about the dress and in the interview room KHJ said that next time, for simple occasions, he would wear a "good looking" clothes for a bit of surprise (that is KHJ's 4th Dimension (4D) personality lol) ...
KHJ preparing BBQ

HB with her elegant dress on :)

At the dinner table, KHJ said that he doesn't like eating his sangcho/ssangchu (lettuce )wrapped in meat... he actually wants to eat meat first then lettuce... HB laughed and laughed because KHJ kept mispronouncing the word lettuce(ssangchu), hence they were dubbed by the MCs and fans the "LETTUCE COUPLE" or "SSANGCHU COUPLE"..

This was when KHJ offered to wrap a lettuce/meat for HB
I think that's sweet for an awkward couple ;)

On this photo, KHJ asked HB if she knows how to open a soda bottle using spoon.
Yes, he asked HB if she knows how to open a soda bottle using a first HB said, she tried once and it didn't worked out. But KHJ said to try it, because for him, whoever opens a soda bottle with spoon is "especially cool". :) HB laughed but said, (as per translation) her dream of newly wed isn't like that... that her dream of newly wed is having a ring hidden in the dish.

HB trying to open the soda bottle with spoon
The kid groom KHJ anxiously waiting
(why does he look so cute on this photo lol)

Both of them got excited when she opened the soda bottle...HB asked if she's "cool" now and KHJ replied with a smile and said "yes"...KHJ asked HB that maybe they need to start talking to each other while making eye contact... HB said, that KHJ needs to first start talking with ease (I think in Korea even you're one year older, they use honorifics-as sign of respect)...KHJ smiled and said they still have a very long way to go :) But he said they he'll try his best to use plain (speech as per translation)...I guess he's trying to say that he will try to speak more casually or informally to HB since they are "married" to each other. They decided that KHJ will call HB "Buin" (which means, my lady or wife)...then later in the show she decided to call KHJ "Shillang" (which means, groom or husband). be continued

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Their First Meeting

Their first meeting was on Jeju Island (Jejudo), their supposedly honeymoon. :) It was probably an arranged meeting. However, they have no idea whom they’re being partnered with. Finally, they saw and greeted each other (awkwardly ofcourse lol). On the interview room KHJ said: “I really didn’t think that it would be HwangBo noona (older sister). I thought that it would be a cute girl. But when I saw HwangBo noona, It was really unexpected.” HwangBo Hye Jung (HBHJ) started clapping with a big smile on her face and said: “How do I say this…I won the lottery?” They were very awkward while driving to their destination. They talked about the year they were born, how they would call each other, that the husband needs to earn lots of money and if the husband will do everything a girl tells him to do. It is like the wife is investigating the husband’s personality… He said that he wont do ridiculous things like give me the stars in the sky… to him that’s very cheesy/annoying (and perhaps unrealistic).

first meeting/driving to their destination

When they got to their honeymoon suite, the wife brought out lots of shirts. She wants both of them to wear it. But since the husband didn’t like cheesy things like wearing couple shirts, he fix/reformed (as per translation) the shirt so as not to look like couple shirts.

"fixing/reforming" the shirt so it won't look like couple shirts
After that scene, they went to a fishing trip. They fished for 6 hours and didn’t catch any. Since they didn't catch anything, the husband had prepared a dinner for two (provided by the yacth). My fave scene here is their "love shot" :)
dinner at the yacth

the "love shot" be continued :)

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Friday, June 1, 2012

This Is It !

Since I hibernated for a very long time in blogging, I'm sure no one's reading my posts anymore. That's okay... I just had the urge to revive/update my blog because of the reality show I came to enjoy and one of the couples in it that I came to adore and love. I wanted to write/document everything I could about them and be able to go back and read it over and over again till I'm 90 years old (that is if Blogger is still alive and kicking) :P Anyways, the reality show is called We Got Married, sometimes it's We Just Married. It was first broadcast in 2008. The show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the participants to reveal their thoughts and feelings. All of the recorded material is then played in front of the participants (the celebrity couples), MCs, and audience who add commentary or clarification. We Got Married, as far as I know, is not scripted. So the dialogues/conversations between couples, their gestures to each other, or whatever actions they do on the show was all on them. The only thing that is probably "scripted" there was their budget, their concept of the day and probably where they stayed :)

Here's a photo of my favorite couple:

The Wife: Hwangbo Hye Jung 
The Husband: Kim Hyun Joong 

They first appeared on the show on May 11, 2008. Hwangbo Hye Jung is six years older than Kim Hyun Joong, hence, they are called the older/younger couple. Honestly, I was not interested at first because I felt like they were not paired well. One of my friends even commented that she's not pretty enough for KHJ...However, after watching just the first episode, I got hooked. Why? I am not sure why... be continued on my next post :)

Note: Photo: credit to owner/s