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Friday, June 27, 2008

Mind Boggling Magic

Magic. It has been around probably since the year 1700s or earlier than that. But to this day, it has been one of the favorite form of entertainment. Kids and adults alike enjoy watching magic tricks, illusions, street magic etc. Some famous magicians I can think of right now are David Copperfield, Penn and Teller, David Blaine, Harry Houdini who was a very famous escapologist, and of course the one and only, dubbed as the Harry Houdini of the 21st century, the modern magical master Criss Angel himself.

Criss Angel, who has numerous awards on his sleeve, including the Magician of the Year in 2005 given by the Academy of Magical Arts and has a successful show in A&E called Criss Angel Mindfreak (wherein they showed a lot of his mind blowing performances such as…floating from one building to another with random crowd watching, walking on the water while people swim around him and vanished a half ton elephant in front of spectators to name a few), is featured to perform in the new Cirque du Soleil show called CRISS ANGEL Believe. It will be held in Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on September 12.

CRISS ANGEL Believe is surely another evocative journey inside the intricate mind of Criss Angel. Want to be the first to experience it? Text the word “Believe” to 22122 for a chance to win 2 tickets. Now, that is not an illusion at all!

Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe

It's Been A While

Geez! Miss posting stuff here, but I have been busy lately with some more important stuff than blogging (but I really do miss it). Anyways, I am just checking on you guys. Again, I'd like to thank you all for visiting me even if I can't return the favor (at least at this point, I will though, as soon as I get plenty of time). Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Payday Loans

Last Thursday, I got an email from may new found friend and said that she won’t be able to enroll in her school as she used her tuition fee money when her son was brought to the hospital to be treated for pneumonia. She said, she didn’t really wanna miss this summer school cause the subject is a bit difficult (I think it has something to do with math) so it’s gonna be a good time for her to take it up while her kids are on vacation cause she’ll be able to concentrate more with it. I encouraged her to check online Cheap Payday Loans, because I know it would surely help her. Today, she called me and told me that she’s excited coz she found She said it was so easy and that all she needed is a proof of steady income, proof of identity and an open bank account. She can apply online and get approved in as little as an hour. Isn’t that great! Well, I am happy for her. Don’t forget,, we might need it one day.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kiddieland Trip

Hi everyone! Haven't had a chance to post anything here. Anyways, I've been busy as a volunteer mom in my son's school. I always wake up early, then when we get home, I'm not dead tired, but very sleepy. So that's what I do, I'll put my son to sleep, then I will go to sleep. That's pretty much our everyday routine.

Here are some of the pictures in the last field trip that we both went. (We didn't go to their trip this week, we rested at home, did some of my work)

he liked this ride the most because it's the fastest moving ride

what can i say? he likes horses :)


he didn't stop bugging me with this boat till he gets to ride in it

dumbo :D

Thursday, June 5, 2008

School Boy

I have been busy this week coz last Monday, kuletz started going to summer school. Their regular class will actually begins in August. Anyways, his first day started real good. He was so anxious to get in the classroom as he's seeing all the kids playing. He didn't even bother to say goodbye to me, he just sat there and started playing with the other kids. I left him in the room, went to the waiting area (opo, hihintayin ko po sya don hanggang 3 p.m. translation: yep! i gotta wait for him till 3 p.m. wouldn't it be nice instead of waiting for him at the school, I can just wait for him at home while I am trying to attend one of the online colleges of my choice...yes, I am planning to go back to school) I am thankful that I brought some of my filipino pocketbooks, after an hour the Asst. Director approached me and asked me if I am ok, I said yeah... then she asked again, if I wanted to volunteer in helping in one of the classrooms. I gladly said yes. Geez! It was chaos ehehehehe it's like being in a room with 20 Kuletz in it :) I commend all the teachers coz teaching is hard. I know most teachers enjoy it and I am hoping that you all find lots of teaching jobs out there! Anyways, all I did though was, help the teacher and her assistant to prepare the table for lunch, then help them take the kids to the bathroom, prepare their cots for nap time. The rooms are open so I can here my kuletz calling Mommy! Mommy!... then naptime, he saw me coz I talked to the teacher's assistant in their room, I told her where I put my son's pillow ang blanket. Geez! He started crying and screaming Mommy!!! I tried ignoring him, but he ran to me and wouldn't let go. It's hard for me too coz it's the first time that we've been away from each other. That Monday, from naptime, which is 12 p.m. till 2 p.m. I can hear him crying. Tuesday is better, he didn't see me the entire time he was in the classroom. I just asked the teacher and the assistant how did he do and they said, that he did very well compared Monday. He ate his food, mingled with other kids and did not cry (because he did not see me ehehehe). Wednesday, its their field trip! I went with him ofcourse (I plan to stay with him at school for a week). We went to Silver Stallion Ranch. It was fun! I enjoyed it too. We went on a hayride, they have a petting zoo, a southern comfort ride and a horse ride. They even have a tattoo area for the kids (spray painted/washable). Kuletz got scared to have a tattoo, he didn't want it. But what surprised me is that, he got on the horse!! I thought he'll be scared, but he loved it and didn't wanna get off the horse. He also love the southern comfort ride. Thursday, his daddy didn't let him go to school, he said stay home and rest. My only complain so far is the high tuition fee argh! I'd say school grants for kids like him would be perfect!

Here are some of the photos (cellphone) from the trip:

he loved this ride

the biggest horse among the four

southern comfort ride (this one is fast!)

marshmallow (he didn't eat it coz it got so black :D)