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Monday, August 26, 2013

Had A Great Weekend Getaway

I had a fun weekend! :) Tiring but fun. We went on a camping trip in Michigan last Friday, the 26th. The person that enjoyed it more is my son. The place was nice. Though I’ve been there a few times, I particularly liked it because we stayed in a log cabin instead of sleeping in a tent. I don’t mind sleeping in a tent, but it’s more comfortable staying in a cabin with a queen size and a bunk bed in it. By the way, me and my boy put up his tent. He didn't sleep there come night time, but he stayed there during the day while playing with his tablet. lol :) Anyway, It was cool in the camping site. It was over 80 degrees, but you can't feel it because it was breezy. It felt like it was in the 70s until you go to the beach, where the sun is scorching hot (but the water is freezing cold!) Anyhow, we did the normal camping thingy, you know, grilling, bonfire, swimming and walking in the sandy beach, trekking in the camping site’s dunes, and all. I even watched the sunset. It was beautiful, but, stupid me I didn’t take a photo. Yeah, I know it was stupid of me…really! Oh well, maybe next time :) I will try to post some photos as soon as my hubby decided to send me a copy. It was his camera so yeah; I have to wait whenever he feels like sending it. Good luck with that! That’s all for now folks… I’m back to my regular programming… work, lazing around the house and watching my Korean drama :)

P.S. I noticed that I have a lot of smiley face on my post... lol

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