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Tuesday, August 20, 2013



I said I wanted to update this blog and tell you a story how I ended up admiring a couple that's truly out of this world... But anyways, I still have plenty of time, I guess, to continue their story... :) plus heck! No one's reading my blog


On another note, today, is my  " kulets' " first day of school. I asked him if he's nervous and said, "No Mom, I'm excited". Well, I am not. I am more nervous than he is. Everything turned out fine though. I dropped him off, met his teachers, paid the registration fee and left. Will pick him up later at 3 o'clock.. So mommy here has free time from 8:35-3:00 since I'm off work today. Yay for me! Korean drama marathon. :) See you in a bit!

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